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Obama regime sends 600 more troops to Iraq

National Public Radio [US state media]

"U.S Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said the U.S. has agreed to send an additional 600 troops to Iraq, in anticipation of the major upcoming operation to retake the Islamic State-held city of Mosul. These additional troops 'will increase the number of U.S. forces in Iraq to around 5,000,' NPR's Tom Bowman told our Newscast unit. American troop levels in Iraq peaked at 170,000 in November 2007." (09/28/16)

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AGs file suit in last-ditch bid to stop hand-off of Internet control

Fox News Fox News

"Republican attorneys general are making a last-ditch bid to block the Obama administration from ceding U.S. oversight of the internet's domain name system, filing suit in federal court ahead of an imminent deadline for the hand-off. The AGs from Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma and Nevada asked a judge late Wednesday to step in and stop the transition to an international oversight body, after GOP lawmakers failed to stall the move as part of a short-term spending bill. ... The U.S. government has been in charge of domain names for more than three decades, thanks to a Commerce Department agency's oversight of an obscure, but powerful, Los Angeles-based nonprofit called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)." (09/29/16)

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Philippines: Duterte ending joint US military drills; foreign secretary disputes

United Press International United Press International

"Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said upcoming joint U.S.-Philippine military exercises would be the last between the two countries, but one diplomat in the Southeast Asian nation said the comment was taken out of context. ... Philippine Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. said Duterte meant only drills in the South China Sea would stop in order to improve economic relations with China. Yasay, who was a teacher in Washington, D.C., for years, said Duterte was only repeating an earlier declaration which said he would not allow Philippine troops to participate in joint patrols of the South China Sea." (09/29/16)

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Mexico: Official arrested for selling stolen children to Americans

PanAm Post PanAm Post

"Authorities in the state of Sonora, Mexico arrested Vladimir Arzate Carbajal, former officer for the National Public Welfare Assistance Program (DIF). He was accused of being involved in the sale of children. Arzate was arrested at a nearby ranch that is located between the towns of Naco and Agua Prieta during an operation conducted by the police, the Attorney General of Sonora reported." (09/29/16)

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Afghan unity deal expires, but gridlocked government remains

Omaha World-Herald

"Afghanistan's unity government is expected to remain in place despite the formal expiration on Thursday of the U.S.-brokered deal between two electoral rivals whose internal feuding has undermined efforts to battle the Taliban and stabilize the country. The deal was negotiated by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in 2014 following elections in which Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah claimed victory. The deal made Ghani president, and Abdullah reluctantly accepted the secondary role of chief executive." (09/29/16)

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A day after overriding veto, Congress having second thoughts

Raw Story Raw Story

"U.S. lawmakers on Thursday expressed doubts about Sept. 11 legislation they forced on President Barack Obama, saying the new law allowing lawsuits against Saudi Arabia could be narrowed to ease concerns about its effect on Americans abroad. A day after a rare overwhelming rejection of a presidential veto, the first during Obama’s eight years in the White House, the Republican leaders of the Senate and House of Representatives opened the door to fixing the law as they blamed Obama, a Democrat, for not consulting them adequately. 'I do think [it] is worth further discussing,' Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters, acknowledging that there could be 'potential consequences' of the 'Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act' (JASTA)." (09/29/16)

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Clinton accuses Trump of Cuba embargo breach

BBC News BBC News [UK state media]

"Hillary Clinton says presidential rival Donald Trump appears to have violated US laws, after a report said he broke a trade embargo with Cuba. Newsweek reports that Mr Trump's company secretly conducted business in Cuba, violating the US trade embargo against the country. The company allegedly spent at least $68,000 (£52,300) in Cuba in 1998. Mr Trump's spokesman Kellyanne Conway said the money was not paid, and that he was against deals with Cuba. Mr Trump has also repeatedly said he had rejected offers to invest in Cuba. The Newsweek report says Mr Trump's company funnelled the cash through a US consulting firm to make it appear legal." [editor's note: Breaking the Cuba embargo law is a good thing; unfortunately, Trump says he would enforce it on everyone else - TLK] (09/29/16)

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Report: Colorado to use cannabis revenue to combat school bullying

San Francisco Chronicle Smell the Truth

"Colorado plans to mellow down their grade school bullies with the power of pot. The state is set to distribute millions of dollars in surplus marijuana tax revenues to fund the Colorado Department of Education’s bullying prevention grants, reports Time. About $2.9 million of the estimated $66 million in surplus pot tax revenues will go towards the grants, which will be offered to roughly 50 schools throughout the state. The schools will receive grants of up to $40,000 per year to help towards preventing the act of bullying. Funds will be used to train school faculty with a prevention coach and form a bullying prevention committee made of teachers, staff, and parents." (09/29/16)

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PA: Mayor pushed to resign after racist Facebook posts


"The mayor a small Pennsylvania borough is being pushed to resign by other municipal officials following racist Facebook pictures West York Mayor Charles Wasko apparently posted over the summer, including ones aimed at the first family. The calls for resignation come after a Facebook page apparently belonging to Wasko posted in June a picture of a monkey, saying it's a picture of Michelle Obama and a wagon of orangutans captioned 'moving day at the White House.'" (09/29/16)

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MO: Mizzou fraternity chapter suspended after racial slurs

USA Today USA Today

"Officials at both the University of Missouri and Delta Upsilon national headquarters suspended the fraternity’s Mizzou chapter in light of a reported incident of some members targeting African American students with racial slurs and taunts. The incident, which occurred Tuesday night, started when six or seven white men and women verbally assaulting student members of the Legion of Black Collegians (LBC) on Mizzou’s campus, the legion said in a release. Two black students were verbally assaulted, and another two were called the N-word, among other profanities, the statement says. Then, according to the police report, obtained by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, members of Delta Upsilon got involved." [editor's note: Let's see, two groups of college students both acting like assholes, and one throws out the "N-word;" yep, better find your "safe space" - SAT] (09/29/16)

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Apple tracks who you’re chatting using iMessage — and shares that data with police

The Hacker News

"Doing conversations with your friend on iMessage and thinking that they are safe and out of reach from anyone else other than you and your friend? No, it's not. End-to-end encryption doesn't mean that your iMessages are secure enough to hide your trace because Apple not only stores a lot of information about your iMessages that could reveal your contacts and location, but even share that information with law enforcement via court orders." (09/28/16)

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MI: Student successfully changes preferred pronoun to “His Majesty” on class roster

Fox News Fox News

"A new policy at the University of Michigan allows students to choose their preferred pronouns (including the gender-neutral 'they' and 'ze') to appear on class rosters. With that in mind, one conservative student, Grant Strobl, who is also chairman of the Young Americans for Freedom board of governors, decided to troll the university administration by officially requesting his pronoun to be changed to 'His Majesty.' Although Strobl says he has 'no problem with students asking to be identified a certain way,' he thought it important to show just how ludicrous it is for universities to institutionalize the use of 'arbitrary' pronouns and threaten disciplinary action if students and staff repeatedly fail to use them. 'I henceforth shall be referred to as: His Majesty, Grant Strobl. I encourage all U-M students to go onto Wolverine Access, and insert the identity of their dreams,' he told the College Fix." [editor's note: This guy is my new "favorite world leader" - SAT] (09/29/16)

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US regime to open new vetting agency for “secret” security clearances

Reuters Reuters

"The U.S. government will open the doors next week to a new agency, with stronger data protections, meant to shorten by many weeks the time it takes to vet government workers seeking 'secret' and 'top secret' security clearances. The National Background Investigations Bureau will be headed by Charles Phalen, who has worked as a security executive at the CIA, the FBI and defense contractor Northrop Grumman, officials said on Thursday on a conference call with reporters. The bureau will replace an Office of Personnel Management (OPM) clearance system that was hit by hackers who stole potentially sensitive personal data on as many as 22 million people, including government employees and job applicants. Phalen and OPM Director Beth Cobert said a top priority for the bureau will be shortening delays in the clearance process, which can hold up the hiring of government employees for months." (09/29/16)

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IL: Chicago doctor caught making “vaccines” from cat saliva and vodka

Raw Story Raw Story

"A doctor in the suburbs of Chicago had his license suspended after he was found to be concocting his own 'vaccines' -- from cat drool and vodka. According to the Chicago Tribune, investigators who were alerted to Dr. Ming Te Lin's unorthodox methods came to check on his practice; in his cluttered office they found 'a box filled with vials and tubes that [Lin] was using to make his own vaccinations.' Lin said not to worry, he'd only been giving patients his unique vaccination blend for ... over a decade. He told investigators that he added vodka, and, if patients had allergies, cat saliva gathered straight from a cat's mouth. It's unclear whether or not the saliva was from Dr. Lin’s own cat, or random cats he found for the purpose of collecting their spit. Lin allegedly administered his vaccines orally or in a nasal form." [editor's note: An interesting experiment in the "placebo effect" or just fraud? Your call - SAT] (09/29/16)

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Perry announces limited presidential write-in campaign

Independent Political Report

"Due to the numerous instances of the Libertarian Party Presidential ticket running in opposition to the LP Platform, including supporting limitations of the 2nd Amendment rights of people on secret lists, new forms of taxation, and statements against freedom of association, [Libertarian Party of New Hampshire chairman Darryl W.] Perry decided to file declarations of intent to be a write-in candidate in a handful of states where a slate of electors is not required. The laws in another eight states claim all write-in votes are valid. Meaning that on November 8, 2016, voters in 17 states (AL, AK, DE, IA, ID, KS, MT, NE, NH, NJ, OR, PA, RI, VT, WA, WV, WY) plus DC, will have the ability to cast a vote – albeit a write-in – for an actual libertarian, Darryl W. Perry." (09/29/16)

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Canada: Montreal target of boycotts, petitions and celebrity takedowns over pit bull ban

CBC News [Canadian state media]

"Montreal's new pit bull ban is being condemned by animal-rights activists across North America, with petitions against the policy garnering thousands of signatures and celebrities voicing their concern. Others are threatening to boycott the city altogether until the ban is overturned. ... Montreal city council voted 37-23 in favour of the new bylaw on Tuesday. The legislation includes a ban on new pit bull-type dogs starting next Monday. It also places restrictions on those currently in the city, including the requirement that they be sterilized and wear muzzles in public. The Montreal SPCA is mounting a legal challenge against the city, arguing the sections of the bylaw that specifically target pit bull-type dogs are discriminatory and contrary to Quebec's animal welfare laws." (09/29/16)

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Ryabkov: “[D]e facto support of terrorists from the US and the current administration”


"Russia's rift with the U.S. over Syria is growing after Moscow accused Washington of 'de facto support for terrorists.' Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Ryabkov reacted angrily to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's threat Wednesday to end discussions between the two countries if Russia did not end its current operations in Aleppo and uphold the ceasefire. Kerry also said that the Russian indiscriminate attacks in Syria, in support of the Assad regime, would merely allow radical groups to increase their influence and plot attacks 'against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities.' But Ryabkov accused the U.S. of effectively siding with the radicals." (09/29/16)

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A third of Argentineans live in poverty, government report shows

PanAm Post PanAm Post

"After three years without specific details, the National Census and Statistics Institute (Indec) revealed Wednesday that poverty in Argentina has affected 32.2 percent of the population during the second trimester of 2016. According to Indec, 8.7 million Argentineans are in a situation that could be classified as poverty and 1.7 million are in situations of homelessness. The poverty line is marked by how much money an adult requires to buy basic goods and pay for fundamental services like healthcare or education." (09/29/16)

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US regime imposes sanctions on two Congolese security officials

Omaha World-Herald

"U.S. authorities are placing sanctions on two high-ranking Congolese officials who are considered to be close to President Joseph Kabila. The U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control on Wednesday announced the sanctions against Gabriel Amisi Kumba and John Numbi. The U.S. says both men have used violent force to suppress political opposition in recent years." (09/29/16)

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CA: Police took over one hour to respond, about one minute to shoot unarmed man

CBS News CBS Sacramento

"It took more than an hour for police to arrive at the shopping center in a San Diego suburb where a distressed black man had been wandering into traffic. It took about a minute for him to be shot and killed. Alfred Olango pulled a large electronic cigarette, known as a vape pen, from his pocket and pointed at the police officer who fired, while a second officer stood nearby trying to subdue him with a stun gun, El Cajon police said. The details emerged Wednesday in the shooting of Olango, who was having an emotional breakdown over the recent death of his best friend, an attorney said. The investigation centered on a video of Tuesday’s shooting taken by a bystander. Police have produced a single frame from the cellphone video to support their account, saying it shows Olango in a 'shooting stance.'" (09/29/16)

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Will Elon Musk launch for Mars off the backs of taxpayers?

Veronique de Rugy Reason
by Veronique de Rugy

"Elon Musk delivered a much-anticipated speech Tuesday at the 67th International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico, where he laid out his vision for colonizing Mars. There's no doubt that taming our celestial neighbor would be a testament to human innovation and determination. Today, however, it might be more impressive if Musk could provide a vision for how his companies can succeed here on Earth first, especially without heavy reliance on taxpayer support." (09/29/16)

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Chelsea Clinton & media both trying to mislead you about weed

Raw Story Raw Story
by Sarah Beller

"Chelsea Clinton spoke about marijuana to a group of college students at Youngstown State University in Ohio Saturday, and in doing so, unleashed a flurry of gleeful headlines: Chelsea Clinton Implies Marijuana Can Kill You ... Hillary’s Daughter Chelsea Suggests That Marijuana Kills ... Chelsea Clinton: There’s 'Anecdotal Evidence' That Marijuana Kills. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Chelsea Clinton said that marijuana can kill! But the media are a little too eager to catch the daughter of the democratic presidential nominee in a fear-mongering soundbite. ... Chelsea did defend her mother's marijuana policy, which favors of maintaining the unjustified status quo of federal marijuana prohibition, but she did not exactly say that 'marijuana can kill.'" (09/28/16)

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Rather than indulging the reparations racket, why not abolish enslavement to the state?

William Norman Grigg Pro Libertate
by William Norman Grigg

"No living American for at least two generations has lived under the long-dead and universally reviled system of chattel slavery. No living American has ever been a slave owner, a title reflecting the abhorrent proposition that it is possible for one human being to own another. Notwithstanding all of these facts, the United Nations' Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent, which reports to Prince Zeid bid Ra'ad al-Hussein, the world body's High Commissioner for Human Rights, has published a report contending that white Americans who have never participated in chattel slavery owe reparations to black Americans who have never experienced it." (09/29/16)

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Fact-checking Lester Holt at the first presidential debate: Did America get a raise in 2015?

Heartland Institute Heartland Institute
by Clifford Thies

"For Lester Holt, the economy has been performing well, but there is a problem in the distribution of income. This is the liberal position. The conservative position is that the economy has been underperforming, growing at a slow rate, with many in the middle class losing purchasing power, and many losing faith in their ability to improve their lives. It is fair that a liberal brings his perspective to a debate when he serves as moderator. One might hope that the mix of moderators reflects a range of perspectives. But, what is not fair is for the moderator to confuse their perspective with objective truth. With regard to the statement that the new census numbers show an increase in income, expressed in the opening question, and then repeated as a 'correction' of something Donald Trump said during the debate, it is not true." (09/29/16)

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TIF requests in affluent areas: The beat goes on

Show-Me Institute Show-Me Institute
by Michael Highsmith

"If you drive by the St. Louis Galleria on any given day, you'll find the area is a hive of activity. I've spent my fair share of time looping around the Galleria's parking lot in search of a spot. Yet despite the area's vitality, the company redeveloping a piece of property across the street from the Galleria is asking for $18.7 million from taxpayers to subsidize the cost of moving in. ... The Boulevard's prime location -- across the street from the Galleria and at the intersection of I-170 and I-64 -- is one reason for the developer's high expectations. Another reason is the average household income of $92,581 within three miles of its location. Residents of Richmond Heights might well ask why a project with a prime location in an affluent area needs to be subsidized by taxpayers." (09/29/16)


Donald Trump is owning Hillary Clinton on trade

The New Republic
by Alex Shephard

"Ever since the first presidential debate ended on Monday, Donald Trump and his surrogates have done everything possible to obfuscate the truth because they know he got walloped. Immediately after the debate, Trump got Fox News’ Sean Hannity to cover for his repeated lies about opposing the Iraq war. Using Hannity, Alex Jones, and Matt Drudge, the campaign widely circulated highly unscientific online polls saying that Trump won the debate. His campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, argued that his 'restraint' (that he only alluded to Bill Clinton’s affairs without bringing them up outright) was a 'presidential virtue' that would help win over women. And Trump blamed the microphone for capturing more than a few low-energy sniffles throughout the evening. All debate performances result in spin, but bad ones lead to especially egregious spinning, hence the Trump campaign’s flailing on Tuesday. Nonetheless, they got one thing right: For the first 15 minutes of the debate, before he had an hourlong tantrum, Trump got the upper hand on trade. Surrogates seized on the silver lining in the spin room and beyond, and Trump, lampooned for most of his performance, was praised by a good deal of the press for the way he started the debate." (09/28/16)

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Maybe Donald Trump should have listened to Megyn Kelly instead of Roger Ailes

The Intercept The Intercept
by Robert Mackey

"Megyn Kelly tried to warn Donald Trump, 13 months ago, that his sexist remarks about women would become an issue. He refused to listen -- preferring to attack the messenger instead. Or maybe Trump was simply unable to comprehend that his long history of insulting women in crude terms might not seem funny to voters who live outside the Fox News bubble. But Trump's flailing attempt to respond to Hillary Clinton's charge, in Monday's debate, that he has a pattern of sexist comments about women stretching back decades, suggests that the candidate might have been better off listening to Kelly than to his current adviser, her former boss Roger Ailes." (09/29/16)

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No, tourism is not an act of “white privilege”

spiked spiked
by Jim Butcher

"During their first week of university, freshers are bombarded with opportunities to travel to try to make the world a better place. Adverts for 'volunteer tourism' can be seen across campuses. Numerous companies and NGOs offer holidays with a mission: the chance to build schools, teach children and conserve nature, all while getting to see a new country and culture. However, this trend for combining travelling with caring is increasingly looked upon as a new kind of colonial arrogance." (09/29/16)

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Confidentiality versus anonymity

A Geek With Guns
by Christopher Burg

"Confidentiality means that a communication isn't accessible to unauthorized parties. In other words what was communicated is secret. Anonymity means that the parties communicating are secret. A confidential message isn't necessarily anonymous and an anonymous message isn't necessarily confidential. iMessage and other secure communication applications such as WhatsApp and Signal use an identifier that are tied to your real-life persona, your phone number. Using phone numbers as identifiers allows these apps to easily scan your contacts list to see who does and doesn't have the application. While they do keep what is being communicated secret they make no attempt to keep who is communicating secret. Tor, on the other hand, attempts to provide anonymity but doesn’t necessarily provide confidentiality." (09/29/16)

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#NeverTrump crowd raises big money for Trump

The American Prospect
by Adele Stan

"After months of protestations over the presidential candidacy of the crass, openly misogynist, and race-baiting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, members of the Republican cabal once known by the hashtag #NeverTrump are throwing some impressive assets his way -- in secret, of course. Todd Ricketts, whose family owns the Chicago Cubs, is the latest to join the trend, according to reporters Kenneth P. Vogel and Alex Isenstadt at Politico, with the creation of a nonprofit group that is not required to reveal its donors, but is permitted by law to make so-called issues ads, the kinds of ads that are usually deployed against a candidate who is opposed by the group’s donors. (It all goes back to the United States Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC.) Ricketts, who was a big donor to the #NeverTrump cause, is now leading the 45Committee, which falls under the tax code as a 501(c)(4) organization." (09/28/16)

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Bold new steps

Strike The Root
by Paul Hein

"Manufacturing employment has declined steadily since 1979, especially in the 2000s, with the expansion of Chinese companies, which contributed to an amazing drop in American jobs. Specifically, a loss of nearly 6 million jobs -- bout one third of the workforce. Manufacturing in this country has yet to return to its pre-2008 level. Some writers on this subject have opined that if this decline is to be reversed, the government must take 'bold new steps' to accomplish it. Personally, I cringe when I think of our Rulers taking 'bold new steps,' since whenever they do, someone gets trampled." (09/29/16)

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Bank of Dave

The Cobden Centre
by Prof Kevin Dowd

"What may still not be sufficiently appreciated is the extent to which entry into the British banking industry has been limited, not by the unavoidable challenges would-be entrants must face in attempting to compete head-on with established British banks, but by hurdles erected by British bank regulators. Nothing better illustrates this fact than the story of Dave Fishwick and his struggle to establish a bank in Burnley, a run-down town in Lancashire, in the northwest of England. Now that the Bank of Dave is up and running, Fishwick has become something of a celebrity here in the UK." (09/29/16)

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End cable’s rental rip-off

USA Today USA Today
by staff

"Once upon a time, having telephone service meant renting (black, rotary dial) phones from Ma Bell. Those days, mercifully, are over. Today, consumers buy their phones pretty much anywhere, and they typically pay the same for land-line service whether they have one phone or 10. But those bad old days are not over when it comes to cable television. Many subscribers have no choice but to rent a set-top box from their cable provider, paying a staggering $231 a year on average, lining the pockets of the cable and television industries to the tune of $20 billion annually. Want to buy the boxes instead of lease them? With many providers, that's not an option. This forced arrangement not only costs consumers a bundle, it also limits innovation and convenience. If cable companies were required to put their programming on third-party devices, consumers might purchase set-top boxes that seamlessly integrate Web streaming services, the Internet and cable channels." (09/29/16)

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Has Gary Johnson plateaued in his bid for president?

Palm Beach Free Press
by Karl Dickey

"While Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson was progressing in the polls, it would appear he may have reached a ceiling. His national polling is now averaging between 8 to 10 percent. Johnson has been polling above 15 percent in several states; however, has not been able to bring those same numbers to the national stage. Johnson was on a trajectory to reach past 15 percent until recent behaviors have not gone over well. Though they are all clearly his own doing, they strangely have all happened on MSNBC." (09/29/16)

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Declaring war is so passe

Aria DiMezzo Anarchist Shemale
by Aria DiMezzo

"Strangely enough, one of the easiest ways to identify a libertarian is that they talk of declaring war. No, I don't mean that libertarians are trigger happy and want to declare war on everyone who as much as looks at them funny. I mean that libertarians are very much against the idea that it's okay to have our military operating in a foreign country without a declaration of war. I'm convinced, upon observing the rest of the country, that modern Americans think of the idea as passe. It's outdated and antiquated -- an ancient way of viewing the world from a bygone era of gold coins as currency and when imperialism was conducted by states and armies, not states and corporations. In fact, I would wager that there is an extremely high correlation between people who don't see a declaration of war as necessary and people who think that 'gold coins -- that's for, like, ancient Rome and stuff.'" (09/29/16)

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The missed opportunity on trade, and what we must do next

Dave Johnson Our Future
by Dave Johnson

"The candidates discussed 'trade' for a few minutes during the first presidential debate on Monday. Once again the opportunity for a meaningful dialogue on an important issue slipped away. Where do we go from here? That was the subject of a teleconference Wednesday night between activists from around the country and Sen. Jeff Merkley [D-OR]. The call was titled 'Defeat the Trans-Pacific Partnership: bad for workers, bad for democracy, bad for People and the Planet.' On the call, Sen. Merkley said that we have to 'stop this gigantic trade deal, we have to stop it dead in its tracks.' Merkley said to the activists on the call that they 'have to be incredibly attentive during this period,' because even though the TPP is now opposed by top congressional leadership as well as both major presidential candidates, the tremendous pressure from multinational corporations on Congress could change that and tilt key members toward passage." (09/29/16)

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Legalizing discrimination would improve the education system

Foundation for Economic Education Foundation for Economic Education
by Croey DeAngelis

"School choice programs around the world prohibit discrimination in hiring employees and enrolling students. While discrimination policies aim to protect employees and children, the result is the opposite. Discrimination in hiring employees increases the likelihood that children are educated by teachers that are aligned with their interests and abilities. Discrimination in enrolling students increases the probability that all students are in a successful, specialized learning environment." (09/29/16)

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Demonizing the Green Party vote

CounterPunch CounterPunch
by Fran Shor

"Third parties, especially during presidential election years, are subjected to a variety of criticisms from supporters of the candidates of the duopoly and their corporate media enablers. The level of virulent denunciation in 2016 of the Green Party's presidential candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, by Democrats and partisans of Hillary Clinton may be a reflection of how paranoid they have become over the thought that a misogynistic and xenophobic white nationalist like Donald Trump might actually win the election. Although that is highly doubtful, especially given the demographics, the Greens have become, nonetheless, a target to be browbeaten and censured. At the core of much of these criticisms is a profound misunderstanding of what a vote for a third party like the Green Party means." (09/29/16)

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War College Podcast, 09/29/16

Reuters Reuters

"The War on Drugs, declared during the Nixon administration, has become a shooting war. Every year brings new atrocities. More than 40 teachers massacred in Mexico under circumstances that are still unclear in 2014, entire towns held hostage. And drug cartel weaponry has gotten deadlier. In 2015, a Mexican army helicopter was shot down in the state of Jalisco. The local cartel used a rocket-propelled grenade to do it. And for years, drug gangs have worked on their navies, moving from cigarette boats to homemade submarines. They have air forces, as well, and fight pitched battles against the army in Mexico and other places." [Flash audio or MP3] (09/29/16)

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Presidential debates have no value

Kent McManigal Clovis News Journal
by Kent McManigal

"Is there value in time spent watching two liars trying to out-lie each other? A lot of people seem to believe so. They watch presidential debates, and pretend they matter. People have been fooled into believing 'it's a two-party system' and a vote for anyone else is a wasted vote, and the debates confirm this belief. So, they continue to vote for the lesser of two evils, ignoring the fact that there are multiple evils to choose from. Therefore, one of those two debating liars will soon be declared the president-elect of the tax-farm called 'The United States.'" (09/29/16)

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Paul Jacob Common Sense
by Paul Jacob

"A year ago, the unethical Missouri Ethics Commission fined Ron Calzone $1,000 for not paying a silly $10 fee. To register as a lobbyist. They also ordered him to stop talking to legislators until he complied. Citizen Calzone didn't register. He didn't pay. And he didn't shut up. On principle." (09/29/16)

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Flag follies: Has the military preserved the Bill of Rights?

Independent Country
by James Leroy Wilson

"Countless others have said something similar: We should be grateful to the military who gave us the freedom to disrespect the National Anthem and the Flag. By implication: the military has protected our First Amendment freedoms. I must have missed it in history class, so I will ask: When? And how? Actually, most of America's wars have been fought on foreign soil against nations that had neither the desire nor the ability of conquering us, let alone censoring us. And the reality is that the military has not protected the First Amendment. That's because the threat to it does not come from foreign 'enemies.'" (09/28/16)

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Thoughts on libertarian-distributism

Libertarian Alliance Libertarian Alliance
by "Tormod"

"Reading [Keir Martland's] post, I was happy to see that a relatively recent concern of mine was shared by other libertarians and is being actively addressed by some. Namely, my concern is that the libertarian movement has failed to acknowledge the conservative nature of its soul and, in so doing, has rendered itself vulnerable to easy co-option and consigned itself to a dithering, rear-guard action that must inevitably end in defeat. Stripped of its soul, libertarianism has little to offer beyond contrarianism. As libertarians, we persistently lack a constructive platform; an actionable plan that is realistic, simply described, and inspiring to real people. A form of distributism adapted to fit within a libertarian framework may provide us with a solution." (09/28/16)

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No, this isn’t the way to do it — money, not tampons

Tim Worstall Adam Smith Institute
by Tim Worstall

"There is a claim from Scotland that women on benefits cannot afford menstrual products. This may or may not be true but let us, arguendo, assume that it is. The suggested solution is that there should be a state distribution of free to the user menstrual products. This is the wrong solution, entirely incorrect. If people do not have the money to buy something essential then the solution is to give them the money to buy it, not to provide that thing 'free.' There are two reasons for this." (09/29/16)

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The wholesale failure of American foreign policy

The American Conservative The American Conservative
by Daniel L Davis

"One has to wonder just how much longer the American people will silently permit the categorical failure of American foreign policy, both in theory and in practice. The evidence confirming the totality of our failure is breathtaking in scope and severity. Changes are needed to preserve U.S. national security and economic prosperity. Recent headlines have captured the character of this failure." (09/29/16)

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Free Talk Live, 09/28/16

Free Talk Live Free Talk Live

"Obama Veto Overrided First Time Ever :: Jay Noone Planning Move to Shire :: Shire Society :: Malheur Occupation Trial Fiasco :: Mudslides :: Trump and Clinton :: Balanced Rebellion :: Commission to Study Cryptocurrency :: Trumpeters :: Mark Seasteading :: More Threats from James." [Flash audio or MP3] (09/28/16)

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The LAVA Spurt, episode 15

The LAVA Flow Podcast The LAVA Flow Podcast

"I get asked all the time what libertarian podcasts I listen to, so I thought I'd share. Do you listen to these? Thank you for joining me on the fifteenth episode of The LAVA Spurt, The Libertarian Podcasts I Listen To Edition." [various formats] (09/28/16)

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Freedom Feens Radio, 09/29/16

Freedom Feens Freedom Feens Radio

"Lou Feen chats with Shane from Liberty Under Attack. They discuss the college experience, Shane's Adventures In Illinois Higher Education Series, the Freedom Umbrella of Direct Action, and networking through meetups and liberty festivals." [various formats] (09/29/16)

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Questions for the presidential debates

Jacob G Hornberger Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

"The federal government was converted into a national-security state after World War II because U.S. officials said that it was necessary to fight the Cold War. The Cold War ended 25 years ago. Why shouldn't we dismantle this Cold War apparatus today, especially given all the dark-side activity in which it engages, including state-sponsored assassinations, coups, invasions, occupations, torture, support of foreign dictatorships, Guantanamo, and secret surveillance?" (09/29/16)

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The stinky Japanese bond

Mark Thornton Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Mark Thornton

"Central banks have been engaging in nontraditional, radical, and unprecedented policies in recent years. Policies such as zero interest rates, quantitative easing, a war on cash, and even negative interest rates on bank deposits are now the norm. There has even been talk of helicopter money. This is not money falling out of the sky for you and me. It means central banks simply print money and give it to the government. The latest installment of monetary insanity comes from Japan where the new monetary policy will target the 10-year Japanese government bond at 0% interest rate." (09/29/16)

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