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Iraq: Islamic State forces attack Kirkuk


"ISIS militants attacked several security buildings in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk, officials said, even as Iraqi and Kurdish forces battle the terror group for control of the second-largest city of Mosul. Dozens of militants targeted four police stations and Kurdish security offices in Kirkuk, spreading themselves out through several residential neighborhoods. The clashes were ongoing in the southern part of the city as of Friday morning, security officials said. A number of people were killed and wounded, but officials could not provide an exact figure." (10/21/16)

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Moscow deploys naval fleets, conducts missile drills near border

Fox News Fox News

"The Russian military announced Thursday it was conducting drills involving state-of-the art missiles near the nation's western border, one day after NATO warned Vladimir Putin's regime had launched its largest naval deployment since the Cold War. Russia's entire Northern Fleet and some of its Baltic Fleet were preparing to engage in a final bombardment of Syria's war-torn city of Aleppo, Western intelligence sources told the U.K. Telegraph. The assault on Syrian rebels was set to begin in about two weeks, in the run-up to Election Day in the U.S., the newspaper reported. Russia and U.S. relations have been a major focal point of the presidential campaigns. In Wednesday night’s debate, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton blamed Moscow for its alleged role in releasing emails to Wikileaks." (10/20/16)

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Mexico: Judge presiding over “El Chapo” case murdered outside home

Raw Story Raw Story

"Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman is currently awaiting extradition behind bars. In the midst, of his custody status, it is being reported that the judge that presided over his high-profile case has been murdered. According to the Huffington Post, Judge Vicente Bermudez Zacarias was found fatally shot in the head outside his home on Monday. He appears to have been shot while he was jogging near his home in Metepec, just outside of Mexico City. He died later in the hospital. Judge Zacarias handled several legal challenges lodged by lawyers for 'El Chapo,' the jailed Sinaloa Cartel, as well as Miguel Trevino, ex-leader of the Zetas cartel. The site reports that Trevino is currently imprisoned at the Altiplano facility and Guzman is in a Ciudad Juarez prison, across the border from El Paso, Texas, awaiting extradition to the United States. Since March, Judge Zacarias presided over federal trials in the state of Mexico just outside the capital, where Mexico's maximum security Altiplano prison is located." (10/20/16)

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China: Duterte announces “separation from the United States”


"Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte declared Thursday that he's breaking from the United States, saying that he is strengthening ties with China and that America 'lost.' 'I announce my separation from the United States,' said Duterte in Beijing, where he's meeting with business leaders and elected official[s]. 'I have separated from them. So I will be dependent on you for all time. But do not worry. We will also help as you help us.' China and the Philippines will sign $13.5 billion in deals this week and the two sides agreed to resume a dialogue on their dispute over the South China Sea, officials also said Thursday." (10/20/16)

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UN: Ban pushes for rare General Assembly session on Syria

Indian Express [India]

"United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon pushed on Thursday for the 193-member General Assembly to hold a rare emergency special session on Syria since a deadlocked Security Council has failed to take action to end the nearly six-year war. Under a 1950 resolution, an emergency special session can be called for the General Assembly to consider a matter 'with a view to making appropriate recommendations to members for collective measures' if the Security Council fails to act." (10/21/16)

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#NiUnaMenos: Brutal murder in Argentina sparks feminist protests across Latin America

PanAm Post PanAm Post

"The call for protests was made by the collective Ni Una Menos (not one more), along with 50 other organizations across Latin America. They protested Wednesday against gender violence in Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Paraguay, Guatemala, Spain and France, among others. The brutal murder of Lucia Perez, a 16-year-old teenager occurred between Saturday, October 8 and Sunday, October 9 in Mar del Plata, Argentina." (10/20/16)

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Gary Johnson notes “glaring double standard” in Hillary’s “Mosul moment”

US News & World Report US News & World Report

"Hillary Clinton gave a disputable description of the location of Mosul, the largest city held by the Islamic State group, during Wednesday’s final major-party presidential debate, but pundits and the press did not pounce. In contrast to the intense news coverage of Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson’s moment of confusion about Aleppo, Syria, during an MSNBC interview last month, Clinton’s arguable misstatement about the major Iraqi city attracted just a handful of tweets. 'What's really important here is to understand all the interplay. Mosul is a Sunni city. Mosul is on the border of Syria,' the Democratic nominee told a domestic audience of about 70 million. ... Mosul is not directly on the border with Syria, which is about 100 miles to the west or 75 miles northwest to the nearest border crossing. Ireland is closer to Wales. Montreal is nearer to New York state and Damascus, Syria’s capital, is closer to Israel. ... The obvious response is there is a very hypocritical double standard here,' Johnson tells U.S. News. 'If anyone ought to know geographic locations, it’s Hillary.'" (10/20/16)

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Gallup: American supermajority supports cannabis legalization

San Francisco Chronicle Smell the Truth

"A super-majority of Americans support ending the country’s failed prohibition on marijuana, the polling company Gallup finds just weeks before five states vote to legalize the plant. The Gallup poll released Wednesday finds support for regulating and taxing cannabis hit an all-time high of 60 percent, up from 58 percent last year and 50 percent in 2011. The findings comport with another poll last week from Pew Research Center finding 57 percent support for ending pot prohibition. America enacted pot prohibition in 1937 and declared war on the botanical drug in 1972. Multiple independent reviews have deemed the plant’s prohibition to be an utter failure that’s cost America untold trillions of dollars in ineffective law enforcement and shattered lives. About half of Americans have tried it, and tens of millions are regularly consume the drug, which is less addictive than coffee and has no lethal overdose. Roughly 700,000 Americans are arrested each year for pot, more than for all violent crimes, combined. " (10/20/16)

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Regime: Ex-contractor committed “breathtaking” theft [sic] of secrets

Daytona Beach News-Journal

"A former National Security Agency contractor's theft [sic] of top secret government information was 'breathtaking in its longevity and scale,' federal prosecutors said in a court filing Thursday aimed at keeping the man locked up as the case moves forward. They said he took [sic] enough classified material to fill roughly 200 laptop computers." (10/20/16)

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World wine output expected to hit four-year low

BBC News BBC News [UK state media]

"World wine output is expected to hit a four-year low in 2016 after bad weather hit production in France and South America, industry forecasts say. Trade group the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) has estimated output will reach 259.5m hectolitres (mhl) this year -- a fall of 5% compared with 2015. This would be among the three poorest years for output since 2000, it added. However, it said it was unlikely this would affect prices in the shops. 'Some price tensions could appear in some geographic areas impacted by [bad weather],' an OIV spokesperson told the BBC. 'But very often wine producers and wine industries keep wine stocks in order to respond to such risks.'" [editor's note: Terrible timing; might have to switch to tequila - SAT] (10/20/16)

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WI: Killer cop charged with sexual assault

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"The Milwaukee police officer who fatally shot Sylville Smith in the Sherman Park neighborhood in August sat in a bar a day later, watching coverage of the violent unrest that followed and said he did 'whatever (he) wanted without repercussions,' according to a criminal complaint released Thursday charging the officer with sexual assault. Officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown made those comments to a man Heaggan-Brown would sexually assault hours later after the man became heavily intoxicated, the complaint said. Heaggan-Brown, 24, is charged with two counts of felony second-degree sexual assault, and two counts of prostitution, a misdemeanor. He also is charged with one felony count of possessing or distributing a recording of nudity without consent." (10/20/16)

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Venezuela: Two thousand oil workers get fired for criticizing the government

PanAm Post PanAm Post

"According to Manager of the Unified Federation of Oil Workers of Venezuela José Bodas, 2,000 people have been fired from the government-owned Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) despite being under contract. Venezuelan workers are continually intimidated and unfairly dismissed for political reasons, local news outlets have reported. Employers create fear and demand loyalty to 'Chavismo' if they want to maintain their positions." (10/20/16)

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Report: 50-50 Senate split is possible, could force more compromise

USA Today USA Today

"There is a chance the Senate will end up evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans after the election, a scenario that analysts say would push senators to compromise on issues ranging from criminal justice reform to a massive modernization of the nation's highways, airports, and public transportation. With control of the Senate riding on about nine closely contested races, it's quite possible that the chamber could split 50-50, analysts say. Republicans currently control the Senate, with 54 votes to 46 votes for the Democrats and their two independent allies. If the Senate splits evenly, the next vice president would have the power to break any tie votes, giving the political party that wins the White House an effective majority in the Senate as well." (10/20/16)

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MT: Judge defends 60-day sentence for father who repeatedly raped his 12-year-old daughter

Time Time

A Montana judge is facing a backlash after he sentenced a man who pleaded guilty to repeatedly raping his 12-year-old daughter to just 60 days in jail. ... the judge's decision has sparked objections, including a petition to impeach [District Judge John] McKeon that had more than 20,000 signatures as of Wednesday at noon; if it reaches 25,000, it will be presented to the chief clerk of the Montana House of Representatives. Under the judge's sentence, the man, whom TIME is not identifying in order to protect the victim, will have to register as a sex offender, receive treatment and receive approval from his probation officer and treatment providers before having contact with the victim or any other minor, the AP reports. His access to the internet will be limited and he is prohibited from viewing pornography. His sentence is technically a 30-year suspended sentence, which he would have to serve if he failed to meet his probation requirements." (10/20/16)

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Trump previews “Trump TV” on Facebook, covering debate without “biased, mainstream media reporting”

Independent [UK]

"While everyone was watching the debate, Donald Trump might have given a clue of his secret plan for after the debate. Just as the debate was beginning, Mr Trump sent out a message telling people to watch his Facebook Live broadcast of it. That attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers -- and might be a hint of Mr Trump's plans for after the election. The live broadcast included pundits and borrowed the look of established TV stations. As such, it looks remarkably like the much rumoured Trump TV -- the candidate's suggested media network that could be launched after the debate and serve as a way of capitalising on his huge audience." (10/20/16)

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Spain: Court overturns Catalan bullfighting ban

Toledo Blade

"Spain's top court today overruled a local ban against bullfighting in the powerful northeastern region of Catalonia, saying it violated a national law protecting the spectacle. The Constitutional Court ruled that Catalan authorities generally could regulate such public spectacles, and even ban them, but in this case the national parliament's ruling that bullfighting is part of Spain's heritage must prevail. Catalonia stirred controversy when it banned bullfighting in 2010, becoming Spain's second region to do so after the Canary Islands in 1991. The decision was part of the growing movement against bullfighting but it was also seen as another step in the Catalan government’s push to break away from Spain." (10/20/16)

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Syria: Turkish air raids kill up to 200 Kurdish fighters


"A Turkish air raid killed as many as 200 Kurdish militia members north of the Syrian city of Aleppo on Wednesday, according to the Turkish military. Turkish military officials say they hit 18 targets with 26 airstrikes in the areas under the control of Kurdish militia, destroying their headquarters, ammunition dumps and shelters. ... In recent months, much of Turkey's firepower has been directed at the Kurdish separatist PKK in southeastern Turkey and across the border in northern Iraq. It has also occasionally shelled ISIS positions in northern Syria, but its last-known airstrikes against ISIS were in November last year." (10/20/16)

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UK’s Turing law: Gay and bisexual men to be posthumously pardoned

Ars Technica Ars Technica

"Three years after World War II code-breaking hero Alan Turing was given a posthumous pardon by the Queen, the government has vowed to amend draft legislation so that thousands of convicted gay and bisexual men who went to their graves as sex offenders will also receive pardons. Dubbed the 'Turing law,' deceased men who were convicted of historic anti-gay offences will be formally pardoned." [editor's note: The idea of "pardoning" them is insulting to their memory -- it is the evildoers who passed and enforced those laws who did something that should require a pardon; what the victims deserve is an APOLOGY (and, if still alive, restitution from their persecutors) - TLK] (10/20/16)

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CA: Teacher slits own throat in court after sex assault conviction

CBS News CBS News

"Moments after he was convicted of sexually assaulting a teenage relative of his live-in girlfriend, an English teacher slashed his throat Wednesday with a razor in a Santa Ana courtroom, CBS Los Angeles reports. Jeffrey Scott Jones of Huntington Beach, who was out of custody on bail during his trial, was rushed to a hospital. ... Prosecutors said Jones molested and had sex with a teenage relative of his live-in girlfriend in 2012 and 2013. The defense said the girl made up the story because she was smoking marijuana and trying to hide it. Jones was convicted of aggravated sexual assault of a child and continuous sexual abuse. He faces up to 66 years to life in prison." (10/19/16)

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CO: Fracking industry sponsors ballot initiative to make ballot initiatives more difficult

Durango Herald

"Colorado voters are being asked to make it harder to amend the state constitution. ... Amendment 71 would require signatures from all 35 state Senate districts to make the ballot. Of the total required signatures, the number collected from each district would need to equal at least 2 percent of the registered voters in those districts to make the ballot. ... Proposed constitutional amendments making the ballot would then need 55 percent of the vote to pass on Election Day." [editor's note: The energy industry has contributed 74% of the money raised to support this measure, the goal being to prevent voters from outlawing fracking - TLK] (10/19/16)

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Don’t forget Box 13

Jacob G Hornberger Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

"For the life of me, I just don't get why the mainstream press and Hillary Clinton are so outraged over Donald Trump's refusal in the debate last night to accept the results of the presidential election in advance. What's wrong with waiting to see if an election is crooked before agreeing to abide by its results? Or are Clinton and her acolytes in the mainstream press suggesting that the United States, as the exceptional nation, simply does not have crooked elections, like unexceptional countries do? As a native Texan, I'm reminded of Lyndon Johnson's 1948 runoff campaign in the Democratic Party primary for the U.S. Senate in Texas against former Texas Governor Coke Stevenson." (10/20/16)

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Why refusing to “accept” election results causes shock and alarm

Jeffrey Tucker Foundation for Economic Education
by Jeffrey A Tucker

"I can remember the first election in which I participated. After all the votes came in, various media figures responded with hymns to the glories of democracy, and how wonderful it is that we can debate and argue but, in the end, we must all acquiesce to the results, in the interest of sustaining our great system. I never found these homilies compelling. I didn't believe in the civic religion. It always struck me that these lectures on the glories of election outcomes were little more than pleas to the public to go along with a system of government that did not serve them. And surely the demand that all candidates join hands in a celebration of democracy is nothing but performative piety. No one actually means it." (10/20/16)

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The Jason Stapleton Program, 10/20/16

The Jason Stapleton Program The Jason Stapleton Program

"Maybe politicians have always been brazen in their willingness to like through their teeth. I've really only been following politics closely for the last 15 years or so. But it seems to me the level of excrement on the floor after these debates should require knee-high waders. The confidence these candidates have to lie and deceive the public is breathtaking, so I thought I'd take some time on today’s show and point out just how devious politicians can be when speaking to millions of Americans." [various formats] (10/20/16)

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Does Hillary believe in an individual right to bear arms or not?

Cato Institute Cato Institute
by Adam Bates

"In last night's third and final presidential debate, Hillary Clinton made two seemingly conflicting assertions about the Second Amendment: that she supports an individual right to bear arms and that the Heller case was wrongly decided. ... So what does Secretary Clinton mean when she says that Heller was wrongly decided? Both dissents in Heller would have upheld a law that effectively banned handguns. Both dissents would have upheld a law that rejects the ability to defend yourself from criminals in your own home as a fundamental right. Or would Secretary Clinton reject both dissents in favor of some fourth view of the case?" (10/20/16)

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Neither Clinton nor Trump is the Great Pumpkin

In These Times In These Times
by Theo Anderson

"'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown' premiered 50 years ago this month. ... The Peanuts classic has so much in common with this presidential election: They're both dark, melancholy and absurdist comedies about unwarranted faith, bitter disappointment and, in spite of all that, sustained hope. ... So here we are, less than three weeks from the election, with only our faith and hope to get us through this long, dark night. And what are we hoping for? Some of us hope for the country be made great again by a man who will magically solve our problems -- build a wall to protect us physically, put up trade barriers to protect us economically and smoke out and destroy our existential threats on the fields of battle. Some of us hope that a centrist politician will morph into a determined progressive (a self-described 'progressive who gets results') and apply real political muscle to the agenda that she has, in theory, signed on to: a living wage, a reformed campaign-finance system, deep reform of the criminal justice system and much more." [editor's note: Everyone knows Gary Johnson is the Great Pumpkin - SAT] (10/20/16)

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Trump, Clinton slug it out over the narcissism of small differences

Nick Gillespie Reason
by Nick Gillespie

"If the third and final presidential debate proved anything, it's that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump -- and the parties they represent -- are more alike than they are different." (10/20/16)

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The counted: 863 people killed by US police in 2016

Jared Labell The Libertarian Institute
by Jared Labell

"The Guardian's ongoing project, The Counted, tracks the number of people killed by the police in the US. As of this writing, at least 863 individuals were killed by members of US police forces in 2016. ... This is an issue that, as libertarians, we must not ignore, but rather stand at the forefront against the use of force by the government's law enforcement racket. In fact, if we espouse individual liberty for all people, then we must be better on this issue than our peers from other ideological backgrounds and political perspectives." (10/20/16)

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Trump no longer really running for president

The American Prospect The American Prospect
by Peter Dreier

"If it wasn't clear before Wednesday night's debate, it should be obvious now that Donald Trump is no longer seriously running for president. He is using his campaign to become the leader of what he calls 'our movement' -- a white supremacist, nativist, and nationalist crusade -- to boost his ego, settle scores (including with many Republicans), and make it impossible for Hillary Clinton to govern. He intends to become America's first celebrity demagogue. For at least the past month, Trump had realized that he is going to lose the race for president on November 8. Indeed, every day, it looks more and more likely that Clinton will beat him by landslide margins in both the popular vote and the Electoral College. If he were still running for president, and trying to win 270 Electoral College votes, Trump would be appealing to swing voters in battleground states. But during his performances in all three debates—as well as in his speeches at Trump rallies since the GOP convention—he has appealed entirely to his base of fervent supporters." (10/20/16)

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Is the Fed a firefighter or an arsonist?

Scott Sumner EconLog
by Scott Sumner

"Some people question whether the Fed really 'did anything' to create the Great Moderation. It depends what you mean by 'did anything.' Most economists don't know how to identify monetary policy changes, and hence in their empirical work they struggle to find evidence of the Fed having much effect on the economy. If they defined monetary policy in terms of expected changes in NGDP, then the role of the Fed would be much clearer. If at the same time the government created a deep and highly active NGDP futures market, then monetary shocks would be even easier to identify. But you go to war with the generals you have, not the generals you wished you had. And we don't have a highly active NGDP futures market." (10/20/16)

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The school choice generation wants a full educational menu

Heartland Institute Heartland Institute
by Robert Holland

"Atlanta's public school superintendent, Meria Carstarphen, recently made headlines when she quipped school choice is as American as McDonald'’s Happy Meals. 'People like choice,' she told reporters after delivering her October 7 state-of-the-school-district address. 'They want to pick their president. They want to pick their Happy Meal.' Carstarphen was touting her plan for having two local nonprofits manage charter schools to help inner-city families find alternatives to low-performing public schools. Her analogy, while clever, might suggest families would be happy if they had a choice of schools operating like fast-food chains. (It is also questionable how many Americans are thrilled with having Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as their major-party presidential choices.) In reality, most parents want diverse and meaty options for their children’s education." (10/20/16)

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Gary Johnson put the goober in gubernatorial

USA Today USA Today
by Cindy Simmons

"Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s calm comfort with his apparent ignorance on Aleppo, foreign leaders and geography in general (because if you don't know much about the world, you'll start fewer wars) brought back a flood of memories for me. I covered Johnson when he was the governor of New Mexico. He was calling himself a Republican back then. Johnson’s long blink caught on the 'what is Aleppo' video, the shrug that seems to say, 'I’m just a regular guy doing my best,' are gestures that were refreshing, even disarming, to reporters used to covering pompous, self-aggrandizing politicians in Santa Fe. This was in the late 1990s. I was KUNM radio’s legislative reporter. On one particular February morning in 1997, the press room was buzzing about a TV station’s scoop. The station reported that a tunnel had been discovered at the Penitentiary of New Mexico. The source? The governor’s office." [editor's note: If we run the puff pieces, I think we have an obligation to run the slanders as well; you be the judge - SAT] (10/20/16)

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The third presidential debate’s neglect of foreign policy

Daniel Larison The American Conservative
by Daniel Larison

"Foreign policy is without a doubt one of the principal responsibilities of the president, and it is an area where the president has the greatest leeway with the least resistance from the other branches of government. Congress's[s] abdication of responsibility in this area is well-known. That suggests that the presidential candidates' views on foreign policy should be among the most important things to know about them, and it means that voters need to be informed about the candidates' understanding of the relevant issues and how to address them. For the most part, that isn't happening, and it's a serious problem that ought to concern us all." (10/20/16)

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Trump’s worst answer will also be his downfall

The Atlantic The Atlantic
by Peter Beinart

"At times during tonight’s debate, Donald Trump seemed controlled, succinct, even prepared. It didn't matter. In an instant, he lost the debate and blew his chance of using it to turn around his sinking campaign. That instant came when Trump refused to say he would respect the outcome of next month's vote." (10/19/16)

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Election Day not the end of the fight, it’s the beginning

Dave Johnson Our Future
by Dave Johnson

"Nicole Sandler is back on the air! Sandler is one of the best progressive media people out there and has been doing her show daily for years. Wednesday she interviewed Mike Lux, in her first regular broadcast since her battle with lung cancer. Mike Lux is a progressive who recently became a senior adviser at the Democratic National Committee, working for Donna Brazile. The interview with Lux begins at around 32:40. Near the end of the interview (beginning at 59:45) Nicole and Mike talk about how the real fights for progressives really begin after the election. 'That’s when the hard work begins. ...then we hold [Clinton] accountable for every promise that she made,' says Sandler." [various formats] (10/20/16)

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Digital information warfare: Wikileaks, Assange and the US presidential election

CounterPunch CounterPunch
by Binoy Kampmark

"The digital war that has unfolded during the course of this presidential election is one for narrative and reality. The effort from the Clinton campaign to foil access, seek vengeance on the whistleblower, and draw Russia into the debate has reached maniacal proportions. Some on the Right of US politics have even gone so far as to grace WikiLeaks with their blessings, among them Rep. Jeff Duncan, who even thanked the divine for publisher's work in frustrating the meek efforts of mainstream media. Another limb in the campaign that has unfolded in the last few days features efforts to remind the humble reader, and possessor, of stolen documents connected with WikiLeaks, how the intrusive arm of the law might well interfere." (10/20/16)

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A history of fractional reserve banking, part 2

The Cobden Centre
by Colin Lloyd

"In the first part of this article I investigated the development of central banks, with a particular focus on the Bank of England. I looked at the dramatic impact the Bank had on the cost of crown/government borrowing -- from an average rate of 11% in the 90 years before 1694 to 5% during the 45 years after. In this section I will look at the impact artificially low government borrowing costs have on the value of corporate bonds and stocks. Finally I will look at the level of interest rates today -- focusing on the most liquid markets for US stocks and bonds." (10/20/16)

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Why Putin is unleashing his only aircraft carrier

Reuters Reuters
by Peter Apps

"Somewhere in the autumn gales and rain squalls of the North Sea, Russia’s only aircraft carrier is heading south to war. According to Russia’s TASS news agency, the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier and seven more vessels sailed Saturday from the Northern Fleet’s Arctic headquarters of Severomorsk. It’s the eighth time the ship and its escorts have made the journey to the Mediterranean, a trip that has become a key part of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s strategy to reassert Moscow’s naval strength and reach. This deployment, though, is very different. Moscow has spent considerable resources over the last decade developing the ability to conduct operations from the carrier, launched in the dying days of the Soviet Union. But unlike its U.S., French, British and Italian counterparts, it has never used the ship in anger. That’s about to change. Perhaps within as little as two weeks, its SU-33 and MiG-29 jets will be slamming ordinance into downtown Aleppo and other parts of Syria." (10/19/16)

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The Federal Reserve is Hillary Clinton’s secret weapon

Ludwig von Mises Institute Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Tommy Behnke

"Say what you want about Donald J. Trump, but he is correct about one thing: the Federal Reserve has, with near certainty, been holding interest rates down for political purposes -- namely, to aid Hillary Clinton in getting elected president of the United States. ... The Federal Open Market Committee's (FOMC) September meeting minutes, released on Wednesday, have proven Mr. Trump's assertion to be true. As the 2016 election season draws to a close, the Fed has suddenly become more bullish on the prospect of raising interest rates -- and this precipitous change-of-heart has come despite there being few notable signs of hope in the US's economic data." (10/20/16)

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The Tom Woods Show, episode 762

The Tom Woods Show The Tom Woods Show

"Here's an interview I did on the Kennedy Financial podcast, covering all kinds of topics: 19th-century bank panics, what kind of gold and silver coins you should have, how to work online without a boss, and much more."

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The LAVA Spurt, episode 18

The LAVA Flow Podcast

"There is some nutty stuff going on with the Libertarian Party lately. Have Libertarians lost their goddamned minds? This is the eighteenth episode of The LAVA Spurt, The Libertarians Have Lost Their Minds Edition." [various formats] (10/19/16)

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Why is the US Green Party so irrelevant?

The New Republic The New Republic
by Per Urlaub

Many Americans value environmental protection and want to see more of it. But Jill Stein, the Green Party presidential candidate, is drawing only 1 to 3 percent in recent polls, even in an election where many voters dislike the major candidates and are looking for alternatives. Stein certainly has worked to differentiate herself from the two major party candidates. In July she asserted that electing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton (probably the choice of most pro-environment voters) would 'fan the flames of ... right-wing extremism,' and be as bad as electing Donald Trump. While Stein makes anti-establishment statements like this, her German counterparts have been advancing a green agenda in local, regional and national government for the past 30 years." (10/19/16)

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Question 5 fixes flaw

Paul Jacob Common Sense
by Paul Jacob

"Ranked choice voting sort of collapses multi-candidate primaries and the shorter list of the general election into one, allowing voters to rank their choices so that when their first choice doesn't make it, their less valued candidates get counted. So if you prefer a candidate unlikely to win you aren't 'wasting' your vote by marking that candidate first, as today in most American elections, because your vote goes to your second choice." (10/20/16)

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The right to hire and fire

Laurence M. Vance Future of Freedom Foundation
by Laurence M Vance

"Do businesses have the right to hire whomever they want for a particular job? Most Americans would agree that they certainly do. But when you ask the same people whether businesses have the right to not hire whomever they don't want for a particular job, most of them will say that it depends on the reason someone is not hired. And the same thing is true if you ask the typical American whether businesses have the right to fire whomever they want from a particular job. Most of them will say that it depends on the reason someone is fired." (10/20/16)

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Ten years of spreading good ideas — and pissing off awful people

Kevin Carson Center for a Stateless Society
by Kevin Carson

"[T]he right-libertarians have been reduced to the position of a priesthood defending the dogmas of a dying faith. We left-libertarians, Block said, deserve 'a lower rung in hell' because we've 'read Rothbard' -- and still embraced heresy! For these people, their Austrian holy texts are no longer a living body of thought to be critically engaged and developed, but a creed and an exercise in in-group signalling. For that reason -- and I say this as someone who's neither an Austrian nor a Rothbardian -- we understand Rothbard better than they do. Eugen von Bohm-Bawerk said of the Ricardians that they were making appeals to authority rather than addressing the actual points at issue between the classical political economists and the marginalists. And the paleo cultists, likewise, sit in their dogmatic torpor scribbling marginal glosses on Mises and Rothbard. 'Pie Ludwig domine, dona eis requiem' bonk." (10/19/16)


Education Savings Accounts for Texas

Vicki Alger Independent Institute
by Vicki E Alger

"Integral to Texas's strong economic performance and business success is its cultivation of a welcoming environment for entrepreneurs and businesses of all shapes and sizes. More than one out of 10 of the country's largest public and private businesses call Texas home. Texas also adds new businesses at a rate that is more than double the national average. But the dominance of Texas in the competitive economic sector stands in stark contrast to its distinctively un-competitive K–12 education sector, which is essentially dominated by one type of provider: public district schools. In contrast, Florida, which also enjoys a vibrant business climate, has a far more inviting educational climate, one that encourages new providers through a variety of educational choice programs beyond the public system, including education savings accounts (ESAs)." (10/19/16)

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Justice Scalia and Congress’s power to regulate immigration

10th Amendment Center Tenth Amendment Center
by Michael Rappaport

"Claiming that the federal government possesses an immigration power through an inherent attribute of sovereignty is a stake in the heart of the enumerated powers and the Tenth Amendment. This isn't even reading an acknowledged power broadly, like the Commerce Power. It is just making up a new power where there is no textual indication." (10/19/16)

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Wake me when it’s over
by Christopher Manion

"The election will be held on November 8. That doesn't mean that the election will be over on November 8. In the Constitution, we read that the president is to be elected by the 'Electoral College,' with state electoral delegations meeting in their various capitals to cast their ballots and forward them to the president of the United States Senate. Those electors, and not the voters of the various states, will elect the next president. Unless they don't." (10/20/16)

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A McMullin-Pence administration?

Independent Country
by James Leroy Wilson

"On October 10, the day after the 2nd Trump-Clinton debate, I received this question from from a self-described apolitical friend: 'Why haven't the independents taken advantage of this election year and found and promoted a strong candidate? It seems like this is such a missed opportunity for them' .... When writing this, little did I know that an Independent candidate may impact the election the way no 'third party' run ever has. Evan McMullin, an anti-Trump conservative who announced his candidacy on October 8, has a slight lead in Utah polls -- even though he's on the ballot in only a handful of states (for reasons I explained above). If that lead holds, and if his Utah victory prevents a majority victor in the Electoral College, then ..." (10/19/16)

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Actions speak louder than words

The Price of Liberty
by Bradley Harrington

"So, according to a recently released story, the Wyoming Dept. of Education is 'looking at ways to improve financial literacy and computer skills education in state schools.' ('Wyoming education officials looking at computer, money skills,' KGAB 650 AM,, Sep. 12.) Well, who could possibly be opposed to kids learning how to be 'literate' financially? Indeed, according to WDE Communications Director Kari Eakins, 'State Superintendent Jillian Balow and State Treasurer Mark Gordon have been discussing ways to upgrade financial literacy education for a year or so.' Wow, just imagine the possibilities ... Envision a 'financial literacy' classroom full of students, with Mrs. Balow as the teacher and Mr. Gordon as a Special Financial Assistant." (10/19/16)

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Free Talk Live, 10/19/16

Free Talk Live Free Talk Live

"Feds Justify Forced Finger Scans to Enter Cell Phones :: Passcodes and Phone Security :: Votes :: Discriminating on Attractiveness :: Vote Fraud :: Man Threatened, Assaulted for Recording City Council Meetings :: Malheur Refuge Occupation Trial Update :: Fire Conspiracy :: Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate in NH Polling at 6% :: Wikileaks Praise." [Flash audio or MP3] (10/19/16)

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