Advertising on RRND -- The FAQ

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Not much.

Q: No, really, how much?
A: $10 a week, $30 a month, $75 for three months, $125 for six months, $200 for a year. Rates may change without notice (but of course if you've already paid, the price runs through the end of the term purchased).

That's if you're a "cash and carry" customer. If you're already one of our generous supporters, the ads are free on a space-available basis after those who pony up as mentioned above get theirs.

Q: What do I get for my money?
A: A graphic, provided by you, displayed on all pages at Rational Review News Digest (for specs and templates see below) and linking to the URL you specify; and a short, descriptive text ad (composed by us, with your advice) and link in our email editions. We'll also throw your link out over our Twitter and Facebook presences at least once, probably more than once. If you want the latest statistics/numbers connected to those things, let us know when you contact us to place your ad.

Q: What don't I get for my money?
A: Guaranteed sales, guaranteed traffic, tracking and statistics, etc. This is a low-tech, manual operation, at least for the moment (we've tried some other methods and now we're trying this one -- if it doesn't work for you, come back in a month and maybe we'll have something different on tap).

Q: OK, throw those specs at me.
A: Your ad graphic can be up to 160 pixels wide, up to 320 pixels tall, and up to 20Kb in file size (smaller is better, though). It can be in PNG, JPEG or GIF format. Here's a template for those maximum dimensions:

The linking URL can be as long as you want it to be, but if it's longer than 60 characters we'll run it through a URL shortener before sticking it in our email editions. Ditto for the text that goes with the URL. Brevity is the soul of RRND text ads.

We reserve the right to reject ads (and if we reject yours, we'll reject the advertising fee, or return it if for some reason we already have it). If you're a Nazi or anything of the sort, don't bother.

Q: Sounds good. How do I get this show on the road?
A: Drop us an email with "RRND Advertising" in the subject (attach the graphic if you've got it ready) and we'll work it all out with you.

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