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Privacy Policy

Rational Review News Digest respects your privacy.

We only collect identifiable personal information when it is necessary to serve our readers' needs (for example, your email address if you want to subscribe to our email edition) or when a third party application necessary to the operation of the site requires it (e.g. WordPress, Disqus).

We do not sell, rent, or otherwise knowingly or willingly convey our readers' personal information to other parties. We do our best to secure it, and when we're aware that we have unneeded identifiable personal information (for example, your mailing address, after we've mailed you a gift in appreciation of your financial support) on hand, we destroy it.

Because we use third party services and shared web hosting, we cannot guarantee your privacy. We do not have physical control of the servers on which our site information (including reader information) resides. While we will actively resist any government demands made on us for your information, we cannot prevent criminals or agents of the state (but we repeat ourselves) from gaining that information through hacking, cyber warfare, or intimidation of upline service providers. Use at your own risk.

Terms of Service

We reserve the right to refuse service to, and to negatively socially or economically preference, anyone -- but as a matter of general policy we're happy to serve you so long as you're not using our services to lie to, cheat, steal from or otherwise harm others, or to "spam" them with unwanted advertising.

  • Great improvements to this page at the top.

    Also, I and Paul Wakfer are pleased to note the phrasing of your “Terms of Service”, specifically “We reserve the right to refuse service to, and to negatively socially or economically preference, anyone…”. We very much hope that this practice with the wording “socially preference” (which includes economically in our views, but it doesn’t hurt to spell it out) will be used by others since it has the potential to be the ultimate effector of social order – no coercion-based (the State) being necessary.

    • Kitty,

      Yep — I consider social preferencing the absolute best solution to most interpersonal problems, and of course I got the term from Paul and from you (I’ll link it to the essay as soon as I’ve posted this comment). I split “social” and “economic” just for more clarity for people who aren’t already familiar with it (i.e. “you’re not invited to dinner AND I won’t be shopping at your store”)

  • How is the health of this warrant canary?

    • Good question! I set up an automatic reminder to myself to update it each month, and that reminder seems to have gone missing. I’ve just updated it and will go see if I can get that reminder active again. Thanks, as always, for your attentiveness!

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