On strategy

April 18, 2014
Daily Anarchist
by Michael Hendricks   Daily Anarchist

"Life is a giant competition. Opportunities and threats constantly present themselves and the people with the most efficient, and decisive strategy are rewarded with success. Though many people are attached to the notion of “fairness,” the reality is that life isn’t fair, and it pays to be a winner. Strategy is used in all aspects of life, but for some reason strategy is seldom taught. I’d like to rectify that situation by introducing formal strategic thinking to activists, hopefully increasing their understanding of how to effectively accomplish their goals." (04/18/14)


The Great Writ

April 18, 2014
Future of Freedom Foundation
by David S. D'Amato   David S. D'Amato

"Among libertarians generally, there is a somewhat dependable tendency to hark back to the halcyon days of a supposed free age somewhere in the past, and to spotlight certain related features of Anglo-American legal history in service to that narrative. As those features are romanticized, they become totemic symbols of the classical-liberal tradition and its precursors, and are thus held away from criticism and analysis to a regrettable extent. In his new book, The Power of Habeas Corpus in America: From the King’s Prerogative to the War on Terror, Anthony Gregory attends to this propensity as it applies to the recondite legal doctrine of habeas corpus." (04/16/14)


Why won’t Medicare pay for medical tourism?

April 18, 2014
Independent Institute
by John R. Graham   Independent Institute

"The costs of health care in Mexico are 60 percent to 80 percent lower than in the United States. Cash-paying Americans travel to Mexico for many medical procedures. Joffe cites estimates of around half a million Americans annually visiting Mexico for medical care (although the number travelling only to fill prescriptions is not reported). Joffe notes that 25,000 Americans living in Mexico in 2011 were receiving Social Security deposits. Unlike half a million other Americans who travel to Mexico for treatment, these retirees and their spouses return to the United States for treatment. The reason is that Medicare does not pay for their treatment out of country. Joffe doesn’t estimate how much money Medicare would save if it paid for their treatment in Mexico, but a back of the envelope estimate is not hard to figure out." (04/16/14)


The establishment’s war on Rand Paul

April 18, 2014
by Justin Raimondo   Justin Raimondo

"The war is on -- no, not that war, this war: I’m talking about the GOP establishment’s war on Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, whose presidential campaign has taken wing and soared. And it isn’t just the Karl Roves and Peter Kings of this world who are up in arms over the prospect of an anti-interventionist libertarian in the White House: they’re getting plenty of tactical support from 'liberals' like David Corn. Why do they hate him?"


Fourth US Navy official charged in bribery scheme

April 18, 2014
Myrtle Beach Sun News    

"A fourth member of the U.S. Navy has been charged with conspiracy to commit bribery in a multimillion-dollar scheme involving a Singapore-based defense contractor accused of providing cash, vacations, electronics and prostitutes in exchange for classified information. 'The camera is awesome bro!' Japan-based Petty Officer Dan Layug wrote in an email to the vice president of a military contractor that is included in a complaint unsealed Thursday. 'Thanks a lot! Been a while since I had a new gadget!'" (04/17/14)


Some more touchy-feely thoughts on immigration

April 18, 2014
Free Advice
by Robert P. Murphy   Robert P. Murphy

"First, I don’t describe my position as 'open borders.' That would be like saying I’m 'closed schools' if I’m against government funding of education. Second, the poster that got 18,000+ shares on Facebook wasn’t merely saying, 'Look at the hypocrisy here.' No, it actually said, 'I wish my Federal Government would put this many resources on our Southern Border instead of on Cliven Bundy’s cattle ranch.'" (04/17/14)


Liberating the poor from poverty

April 18, 2014
National Center for Policy Analysis
by Peter Ferrara   National Center for Policy Analysis

"Poverty has exploded to record levels under President Obama. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) and Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) have offered plans that would sharply reduce poverty in America." (04/17/14)


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