That Brexit induced stock market disaster in full

June 30, 2016
Adam Smith Institute
by Tim Worstall   Tim Worstall

"The financial markets were of course going to go spare if Britain voted to leave the European Union. Armageddon, plagues of frogs, stockbrokers leaping from windows. That is of course how it turned out too: 'A buying bonanza fuelled the FTSE 100's remarkable rebound, erasing all of its post-Brexit losses in just two days. London's benchmark index enjoyed its best day in almost five years, soaring 219.67 points, or 3.58pc, to a two-month high of 6,360.06." (06/30/16)  

FL: Scott declares state of emergency over blue-green algae

June 30, 2016

"Thursday morning lakes north of Lake Okeechobee will start holding back a total of about 20 billion gallons of water that otherwise would flow into Lake O and could have ended up feeding algae blooms in the St. Lucie River. The action is part of Gov. Rick Scott's declaration Wednesday of a state of emergency in Martin and St. Lucie counties because of the expansive algae blooms in the St. Lucie River. Scott's executive order calls on state agencies to take actions to address the blooms that are ruining the river's ecology, devastating water-related businesses and potentially could cause health problems for people who come in contact with the water." (06/29/15)  

Positively natural, part 2

June 30, 2016
The Cobden Centre
by Sean Corrigan  

"Thus, it is the case that today's producer good, needing to be bid away from an alternative use, must be deemed to be able to give rise to either a slug or a stream of future consumables just greater in cumulative, time-weighted value than it would in alternative hands, whether the last, most eager man whom we outbid in order to secure them intended them for a different productive end or for one involving immediate, exhaustive consumption. Stated like this, it may all sound all very abstract, so let us try to illustrate it in more readily comprehensible terms." (06/30/16)  

Hating Turkey for its freedom and values?

June 30, 2016
Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger   Jacob G Hornberger

"Those who blame anti-American terrorism on radical Islam, the Koran, the quest for a worldwide caliphate, regular Muslims, or hatred for America's freedom and values are a bit stymied by the recent terrorist attack in Istanbul, Turkey. They just don't know what to say. Why? Because over 90 percent of Turkey is Muslim! Obviously that puts the Islam-Koran-Muslims-caliphate crowd into a bit of a quandary. They'd have to say that in their quest to establish a worldwide caliphate, the terrorists who struck in Istanbul decided to begin by attacking a country that is predominantly Muslim. But why do that? Why not attack, say, Switzerland, which is filled with Christians and has much more in common with American freedom and values than Turkey? Let's see now. Could there possibly be another motive for the Istanbul terrorist attack?" (06/30/16)  

Lebanon: Army says twin Islamic State terror plots foiled

June 30, 2016
Fox News     Fox News

"The Lebanese army says it has foiled two terror plots by the Islamic State group targeting residential and tourist sites in the country. The army said in a statement released Thursday that it had arrested five suspects linked to the plots, among them the alleged mastermind. It did not say where or when the suspects were stopped. The country has been on high alert since nine bombs exploded in the eastern border village of Qaa on Monday, killing five residents." (06/30/16)  

Free Talk Live, 06/29/16

June 30, 2016
Free Talk Live
by   Free Talk Live

"Security Guy Has Copy of World Check Confidential Database :: How to get on the list? :: Suspicious Activity :: Should the guy release the list? :: Disability in the Free Market :: Containing ISIS :: Postal Address Hassles :: Free the Data :: Lunar Landing :: Bombings At Istanbul Airport :: NHexit :: Secession :: ISIS Fearmongering." (06/29/16)  

Afghanistan: Suicide attack on police convoy kills 37

June 30, 2016
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review    

"A twin suicide attack on a convoy of buses carrying police cadets killed 37 people and wounded 40 others on Thursday, an Afghan official said. The attack took place in Paghman district, some 20 kilometers west of the Afghan capital, Kabul, according to Mousa Rahmati, the district governor of Paghman. The first suicide attacker struck two buses carrying trainee policemen, and a second attacker targeted those who rushed to the scene to help and hit a third bus, Rahmati said. He said that four civilians were among those killed." (06/30/16)  

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