Heartland Daily Podcast, 10/08/15

October 8, 2015
Heartland Institute
by   Heartland Institute

"In today’s edition of The Heartland Daily Podcast, we listen in as Research Fellow Heather Kays appears on the 'Freedom Works Show' on Tantalk1340 in Florida with host Paul Molloy. Kays was on to talk about the various education related issues that are taking place around the country." (10/08/15)


Yes, a strong dollar matters; but why?

October 8, 2015
by Scott Sumner   Scott Sumner

"I do think that the strong US dollar is having a moderate deflationary impact on the global economy. But I have some doubts about the mechanisms described in this article. I doubt that if it matters very much that imports are priced in dollars, or that the US dollar is 'a means of trade payment, store of value and a reserve asset for the world.' Nor does it matter that global NGDP is falling by around 3% in dollar terms, as workers in other countries are not paid in dollars. Europe will grow this year, despite sharply lower NGDP measured in dollar terms." (10/08/15)


Knuckle draggers are us, er, we

October 8, 2015
The American Spectator
by Debra J Saunders   Debra J. Saunders

"The smart folk at Grammarly -- an online grammar checker -- examined Facebook posts written by supporters of the 2016 presidential candidates in a savvy bid to garner free press. It helped that the grammar site's findings confirmed the left's most treasured conceit -- that liberals are more learned than conservatives. Specifically, the study found that supporters of GOP candidates made more grammatical errors than supporters of Democrats, who also displayed a richer vocabulary. Oh, joy, I thought, once again Republicans are the knuckle draggers. I'm with the stoopid party." (10/08/15)


Frankfurt’s “On Inequality”: How much is enough?

October 8, 2015
by Jason Kuznicki   Jason Kuznicki

"I think the more attentive sort of libertarians are likely to object to three things from this short book in particular: (1) the great importance Frankfurt assigns to utility thresholds; (2) the denial of a necessarily declining marginal utility of money; and (3) the very fuzzy analysis of what an economist would call a wealth effect in the determination of what counts as sufficient wealth." (10/08/15)


The menace of egalitarianism

October 8, 2015
Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Llewellyn H Rockwell Jr.   Lew Rockwell

"A sharp Martian visiting Earth would make two observations about the United States -- one true, the other only superficially so. On the basis of its ceaseless exercises in self-congratulation, the US appears to him to be a place where free thought is encouraged, and in which man makes war against all the fetters on his mind that reactionary forces had once placed there. That is the superficial truth. The real truth, which our Martian would discover after watching how Americans actually behave, is that the range of opinions that citizens may entertain is rather more narrow than it at first appears. There are, he will soon discover, certain ideas and positions all Americans are supposed to believe in and salute. Near the top of the list is equality, an idea for which we are never given a precise definition, but to which everyone is expected to genuflect." (10/08/15)


A guest worker programme for Syria’s women

October 8, 2015
Adam Smith Institute
by Sam Bowman   Sam Bowman

"I have previously written that we should let Syrians come to work in Britain through a guest worker scheme, arguing that the effects for natives are unlikely to be very bad, and I suspect may well be positive. But how might such a scheme work? ... Britain's agriculture sector is growing less quickly, and shows less of an obvious need for new workers. But we do have a problem with high childcare costs and, perhaps relatedly, low native fertility rates leading to an older population. So I suggest we set up a guest worker programme for Syrians to come and work in the childcare sector here." (10/08/15)


Exploring the left, part 1: Rad Frosh

October 8, 2015
Students For Liberty
by Leo Plumer   Students For Liberty

"Like most millennial, libertarian-leaning students, I'm acutely familiar with the frustrating attempts by left-wing activists on campus to stifle personal and academic freedom in the name of social justice. I'm used to arguing with them at tabling or when we invite speakers, or in the comments section of The McGill Daily. I've both vociferated against this worldview, then come to adopt large chunks of it. Nonetheless, there has always been a sense of fruitlessness and confusion when it came to my engagements with the radical Left." (10/08/15)


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