Pierson to resign as Secret Service director; casualty of congressional security hysterics

October 1, 2014
New York Times    

"Julia Pierson, the director of the Secret Service, is resigning in the wake of several security breaches, according to administration officials. The resignation came less than a day after lawmakers from both parties assailed Ms. Pierson’s leadership and said they feared for the lives of the president and others in the protection of the agency." (10/01/14)



October 1, 2014
Common Sense
by Paul Jacob   Paul Jacob

"When Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' spoke out in defense of Common Core, he succumbed to the urge to carry baggage from other disputes. He laid much of the blame for opposition to Common Core on the creation/evolution debate, basically just blurting out that people who objected were objecting to 'science.' Amusingly for someone with “science” in his moniker, Nye missed the fact that science isn’t part of Common Core. Math and English are. There are many ways to learn and teach both. I see no reason to standardize either." (10/01/14)


Legalizing marijuana and prostitution can revitalize tourist cities

October 1, 2014
Students For Liberty
by Matthew La Corte   Students For Liberty

"he city of Denver has had more international tourists than ever before and boasts a 75 percent increase in online hotel searches. Legalized marijuana has led to a tourism boom in this city, where out-of-state visitors currently represent 44 percent of metro area sales and up to 90 percent of resort towns. State officials project the state will collect $60 to $70 million in tax revenue from marijuana by the end of the fiscal year. Likewise, prostitution in America is an $18 billion dollar industry without any tax revenue." (09/30/14)


US still considering bombing Syrian government

October 1, 2014
The Skeptical Libertarian
by Edward Coke  

"President Obama may have been forced to back down from his threat to bomb the Assad regime in Syria last year after a massive public outcry, but that doesn't mean it ever left the agenda. Within less than a week of bombing of ISIS, the U.S. is already considering imposing a 'no-fly zone' against the Syrian government to 'protect civilians.' We have already seen this 'no-fly zone' talk before by this administration. We found out that in Libya, a 'no-fly zone' means attempting to assassinate the existing head of state and regime change." (10/01/14)


The first casualty

October 1, 2014
The Cagle Post
by Steve Nease  

Cartoon. (09/30/14)


The US embrace of monetary tyranny, part 2

October 1, 2014
Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G. Hornberger   Bumper Hornberger

"In the midst of the Civil War in 1862, Abraham Lincoln secured passage of the first legal-tender law in the history of the United States. It was a law that planted the seeds of monetary debauchery that would culminate more than 70 years later during the presidential regime of Franklin D. Roosevelt." (10/01/14)


China is a paper tiger

October 1, 2014
by Justin Raimondo   Justin Raimondo

"The rise of China as America’s chief rival on the international stage has long been a staple of our foreign policy pundits’ alleged wisdom. The Chinese, simply by virtue of their enormous population, have been deemed the inheritors of the earth. China, we are told, has been in the process of overtaking us in terms of virtually every metric imaginable: demographic, economic, and, most important of all, military. There’s just one problem with this Sinocentric view of the future: it’s based on nonsensical assumptions. And the central wrongheaded assumption -- that China is a stable unitary country and will always remain so -- is being disproved (once again) by the events now unfolding in Hong Kong." (10/01/14)


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