Isolation period ends for family, contacts of Ebola patient

October 20, 2014
Fox Newes    

"Dozens of Dallas-area residents who had contact with the first Ebola patient to be treated in the United States, including the man's fiancee, were expected to be free to leave seclusion early Monday after a 21-day quarantine period expired at midnight. In all, 48 people who came in contact with Thomas Eric Duncan before he was admitted to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital with the Ebola virus Sept. 28 were likely to emerge healthy." (10/20/14)  

Ebola and open borders

October 20, 2014
by Bryan Caplan   Bryan Caplan

"From a long-term perspective, the effect of open borders on Ebola is anything but awful. Open borders is the greatest remedy for poverty ever discovered. Ebola is a classic disease of poverty -- highly contagious in a poor society, but only slightly contagious in a rich society. In poor societies, untrained laymen unsanitarily care for the severely ill, dispose of the dead, and prepare meat. In rich societies, specialized experts perform all these tasks. And as the World Health Organization explains, unsanitary treatment of the living, the dead, and meat account for almost all Ebola contagion. If you want to eliminate serious contagious diseases like Ebola during the next few decades, open borders is probably the best way to do it." (10/17/14)  

Syria: US drops arms to Kobani Kurds

October 20, 2014
Houston Chronicle    

"The U.S. military says it has airdropped weapons, ammunition and medical supplies to Kurdish forces defending the Syrian city of Kobani against Islamic State militants. The airdrops Sunday were the first of their kind and followed weeks of U.S. and coalition airstrikes in and near Kobani, near the Turkish border. The U.S. said earlier in the day that it had launched 11 airstrikes overnight in the Kobani area." (10/20/14)  

Illegal copying has always created jobs, growth and prosperity

October 20, 2014
Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom
by Rick Falkvinge   C4SIF

"Copying brings jobs and prosperity. Copying has always brought jobs and prosperity. It is those who don't want to compete who try to legislate a right to rest on their laurels and outlaw copying. It never works." (10/19/14)  

Iraq: At least 21 killed in Baghdad suicide bombing

October 20, 2014

"A suicide bombing in a predominately Shia area of Baghdad has left 21 people dead and 25 people injured, according to a police source with knowledge of the incident speaking to CNN by phone. The source asked not to be identified for security reasons. The bomber targeted a Shia mosque in the city's northeast al Harithyia neighborhood, the source said. As of Sunday, there has been no claim of responsibility." (10/19/14)  

Afghanistan: Four regime troops killed

October 20, 2014
Minneapolis Star Tribune    

"Officials say insurgents have attacked several army checkpoints in eastern and southern Afghanistan, killing at least four troops and wounding several people. No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks, which happened Sunday, but the Taliban have stepped up assaults on Afghan and NATO forces ahead of the pullout of most foreign combat troops by the end of the year." (10/20/14)  

A case of posthumous conscription

October 20, 2014
by David Friedman  

"A recent Forbes article is headlined 'What Would Milton Friedman Do About Climate Change? Tax Carbon.' It reports on a forum at the University of Chicago at which several economists, including Michael Greenstone, described as the 'Milton Friedman Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago,' argued that Friedman would have supported a carbon tax." (10/18/14)  

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