United no more?

September 16, 2014
The Price of Liberty
by Susan Callaway and Nathan Barton  

"The Scottish Independence leaders state that they will remain loyal to the Crown, as Elizabeth II becomes Queen of Scotland once again, as she is Queen of Canada and Queen of New Zealand and so forth. They also state that Scotland will join the European Union, just as Ireland and the UK have. It is this which makes it unlikely that any good will come out of this vote if it is YES for independence." (09/15/14)


Central African Republic: UN takes over peacekeeping

September 16, 2014

"The United Nations took over a regional African peacekeeping mission in Central African Republic on Monday, nine months after sectarian violence erupted that has left at least 5,000 people dead and has forced tens of thousands of Muslims to flee into exile in neighboring countries. About 1,800 additional peacekeepers and police joined the mission as the United Nations took over, along with some 4,800 African troops and 1,000 international police from the previous mission." (09/15/14)


We know who John Galt is

September 16, 2014
Dallas Libertarian Examiner
by Garry Reed   Garry Reed

"Part three of the three part movie 'Atlas Shrugged III, "Who is John Galt?' is currently appearing in North Texas theaters. As was done for Atlas Part I and Part II Dallas Libertarian Examiner invited views and reviews from movie-goers. Here are a few of the best, worst, most interesting and otherwise." (09/15/14)


Tiny Qatar plays outsize role in US war strategy

September 16, 2014
Anniston Star    

"Just miles from where former Guantanamo Bay terror suspects have resettled, American warplanes take off from Qatar's al-Udeid air base in the global war on extremism. The contrast in images illustrates why tiny but rich Qatar is an intriguing player in what President Barack Obama says will be a long battle to stop and eventually destroy the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria." (09/15/14)


“Pink slime” — no, not that kind

September 16, 2014
Kent's "Hooligan Libertarian" Blog
by Kent McManigal   Kent McManigal

"Notice the 'Pink market.' Those things which are immoral/unethical, but 'legal' anyway. Now, consider the 'Red market' -- immoral/unethical and 'illegal'-- for a minute. A murderer might kill a kid who would grow up to be the next Chairman Mao, and therefore save millions of innocent future lives. A thief might steal a family's TV thereby freeing up a kid's mind to discover reading or experiencing life first-hand. A rapist might discover a lump in his victim's breast, and might make her aware of it with a crude comment, saving her life in the process. A slave owner might have prevented a person from starving to death by enslaving him. You still don't argue that the above people are good or necessary. Any 'benefit' to their 'red market'" activities would be better done without violating people or property. The bad guys are still bad, even if they accidentally do something good." (09/15/14)


The limits of secession

September 16, 2014
Bleeding Heart Libertarians
by Fernando Teson   Bleeding Heart Libertarians

"Outside libertarian circles, many believe that communities may democratically choose virtually any political and economic system they wish. The imminent Scotland vote (see James Taylor’s recent post) suggests some general reflections on the the following issue: what kinds of secession choices may the inhabitants of a territory make? (Two caveats: First, I do not suggest that any or all of the following reflections apply to Scotland; in fact, I suspect they do not. Second, I think the following reflections may apply beyond secession to the general question of democratic authority, but I do not address it here.)" (09/15/14)


Nigeria: Twelve troops sentenced to death for mutiny

September 16, 2014
ABC News    

"A court martial has sentenced 12 Nigerian soldiers fighting Islamic extremists to death by firing squad for mutiny and attempted murder of their commanding officer. In a decision announced early Tuesday, a military tribunal found 12 soldiers guilty and five others innocent. All the accused denied the charges." (09/15/14)


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