Fedgoons in Wyoming

April 24, 2014
The Price of Liberty
by MamaLiberty  

"Surveillance might not work out quite as intended here in the rural West. The other day I went to town and saw a big, black SUV at the only signal light in town. It had quite a few stubby radio antennas and smoky glass windows (illegal for the rest of us), so I wasn't surprised to see two young men in it with hard looking faces. The thing is, gentlemen -- you stood out like a sore thumb." (04/23/14)


A teachers’ union speaks power to truth

April 24, 2014
Foundation for Economic Education
by Wendy McElroy   Wendy Mcelroy

"It has been almost a century since the labor movement had any claim to being an underdog or the voice of workers' rights. The New Deal turned unions into state-sponsored organizations with such legal privileges as state certification (that is, a monopoly within specific industries) and the 'right' to collective bargaining. Interestingly, the new unions were championed by leaders of industry such as Gerard Swope, then-president of General Electric. Big business may not have liked the 'new union,' but it was vastly preferable to wildcat strikes, slowdowns and other disruptive tactics pursued by their grassroots counterparts." (04/23/14)


South Sudan: Kiir sacks army chief

April 24, 2014
BBC News [UK state media]    

"South Sudan's President Salva Kiir has sacked the head of the army. A decree read out on state television announced that Gen James Hoth Mai would be removed with immediate effect. No reason was given. The country has been in turmoil since December. Last week rebels seized the oil hub of Bentiu. Meanwhile the UN has accused the government of providing 'erroneous information' regarding a massacre of hundreds of civilians in the town." (04/23/14)


Turkish soldiers inside Syria abducted by Islamist rebels, news reports say

April 24, 2014
Bellingham Herald    

"Turkish troops conducting a resupply mission to a small Turkish military post inside Syrian territory were ambushed and detained Wednesday by Islamic extremists affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, according to Turkish media reports. The troops were later returned to Turkey, news outlets in the Turkish city of Sanliurfa said. But it wasn’t clear what happened to the four armored personnel carriers they’d been traveling in." (04/23/14)


WY: Explosion at natural gas plant leads to town’s evacuation

April 24, 2014
Los Angeles Times    

"An explosion and fire at a natural gas plant in southwestern Wyoming forced the evacuation of the nearby town of Opal, a plant spokeswoman said Wednesday. No injuries were immediately reported among the plant's 42 employees or anyone in Opal, about five miles away, which has a population of 98. Officials shut down neighboring highways after the mid-afternoon blast." (04/23/14)


Border Patrol to Arivaca, Arizona: “You have no rights here”

April 24, 2014
The Canal
by Alexandra Woodfin  

"In a world of open borders, we wouldn’t need customs agents, visas, or border 'security.' For most people, these things are simply an extra nuisance when traveling, but for others, they are a very real threat and a huge imposition in their lives. With very little oversight and the all-powerful trump card of 'hunting terrorists,' Customs and Border Protection (CBP) cross the line into private affairs more often than they’d probably like to admit." (04/23/14)


Witness: Iraqi teens posed no threat before death

April 24, 2014
Baton Rouge Advocate    

"Two unarmed Iraqi brothers posed no threat as they herded cattle in a palm grove where a U.S. Army reconnaissance team was hidden one day seven years ago, a former soldier said Wednesday at a preliminary hearing. But then-Staff Sgt. Michael Barbera took a knee, leveled his rifle and killed them -- from nearly 200 yards away, former Spc. John Lotempio testified." (04/23/14)


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