Dazed and confused

July 24, 2014
Foundation for Economic Education
by Casey Given   Foundation for Economic Education

"Since March, no fewer than four major studies on millennials' political attitudes have been published, prompting media confusion about young people's seemingly contradictory attitudes about the role of government. Headlines like 'Millennials' Political Views Don't Make Any Sense' and 'This Poll Proves That Millennials Have Totally Incoherent Political Views' graced popular websites like The Atlantic and Vox. Such headlines should be expected considering the Herculean task at hand. Aggregating the political beliefs of a group as numerous and multifarious as an entire generation is so difficult it can seem like a fool's errand." (07/22/14)


Finally: Legit Libertarian criticism from mainstream media

July 24, 2014
Libertarian News Examiner
by Garry Reed  

"Gerson and libertarians are right that government benefits when so-called 'legalize and tax' libertarians work together. Government always spends more than it collects, which sets up an endless cycle of taxing, collecting, overspending and searching for yet new taxes ... Making every victimless activity legal but taxable may be a goal of government but not of libertarians." (07/23/14)


A qualified defense of goldbuggery and some related observations on the regressive effects of inflation

July 24, 2014
Bleeding Heart Libertarians
by Steve Horwitz   Steven Horwitz

"With currency and deposits redeemable in gold, customers and other banks can take any excess balances of such liabilities to the issuer for gold. Should any bank produce more money than its customers wish to hold, those customers will either bring it back to the bank directly for redemption or they will spend it, where it will most likely end up in the possession of a different bank. The other bank will not want to hold stocks of a competitor’s money. Instead, it will prefer to redeem it for gold or reserves at the bank directly or at a clearinghouse, either of which will impose a cost on the competitor by taking away the gold or reserves it needs to create loans. This process of 'adverse clearings' ensures that if any bank creates too much money, it will pay an economic price for it in the form of reduced reserves." (07/23/14)


Has the Affordable Care Act slowed the growth of health care spending?

July 24, 2014
National Center for Policy Analysis
by Andrew J. Rettenmaier, Thomas R. Saving and Zijun Wang   National Center for Policy Analysis

"For years, health care spending has outpaced economic growth. However, in 2012, health care spending as a share of the economy declined slightly for the second year in a row, based on official government statistics released at the outset of 2014. This news was greeted in some quarters as evidence that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was beginning to bend the cost curve downward. But do these reports actually indicate that the ACA is curbing health care growth, relative to the growth of the rest of the economy? In fact, the recent slowing of health care expenditures is one of several similar slowdowns. Further, data for 2013 and the first part of 2014 indicate that the trend is already reversing and health care expenditures are rising." (07/23/14)


Let’s not pay our debts because … “I choose Argentina”

July 24, 2014
The Canal
by Belen Marty  

"I was taught that when someone asks to borrow money, it must be returned. Right? Is there anything different going on if the borrower is the state and not an individual?" (07/23/14)


How to start reforming the Federal Reserve right now

July 24, 2014
Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Brendan Brown   Ludwig von Mises Institute

"An essential component of monetary reform should be setting interest rates free. This means no more official pegging or guidance of short-term interest rates and no attempt to manipulate in various ways long-term interest rates. Markets can do a better job of discovering the neutral rates of interest (across different maturities) and positioning market rates at any time relative to these so as to guide the economy along an equilibrium path than any set of well-informed and even well-meaning Fed officials. This is all on the big assumption that the reformers can design a monetary system around a suitable firmly placed pivot." (07/23/14)


A light goes on in my head — “immigration”

July 24, 2014
Kent's "Hooligan Libertarian" Blog
by Kent McManigal   Kent McManigal

"Government -- the State -- can own no property or anything else, since it possesses nothing it did not either steal or 'buy' with stolen money, and thieves don't own the stolen property they possess. Government has zero 'authority' to control who you let on your property. So, 'immigration' is a non-issue. You either trespass or you don't. I am against trespassing. I am also against government pretending it has authority over other people's property (which is theft)." (07/23/14)


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