Germany, Turkey vow diplomatic effort to end Aleppo violence

February 9, 2016
Wheeling News-Register    

"As tens of thousands of Syrians fleeing violence massed at Turkey's border, Turkish and German leaders pledged Monday to redouble diplomatic efforts to end the fighting around the embattled Syrian city of Aleppo and prevent more refugees making their way into Europe. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said after talks with Turkey's prime minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, that she was 'not just appalled but horrified' by the suffering caused by the bombing in Syria, primarily by Russia." (02/09/16)  

Three reasons to be worried about the economy

February 9, 2016
Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Yonathan Amselem   Ludwig von Mises Institute

"On January 12, America's central planner-in-chief gave his State of the Union address. The president promised nothing less than to feed the hungry, create jobs, shape the earth's climate, and make everyone a college graduate. There's nothing new here, though. ... Despite our leader's unwavering confidence in America's fortunes, a quick peak under the hood reveals a pretty grim state of American commerce." (02/08/16)  

People prefer neo-traditional buildings

February 9, 2016
Adam Smith Institute
by Ben Southwood   Adam Smith Institute

"It seems obvious to me -- and I think to most people -- that housing built since the 1930s is by and large much less attractive than housing built before. But if this is true, and if we are much richer now than we were in the 1930s and before, then why would we build, buy and live in housing we don't like? We have some sort of market in housing; surely if we really all preferred traditional housing styles we'd just buy it." (02/08/16)  

Women who don’t support Hillary Clinton are probably going to hell

February 8, 2016
The American Specator
by Emily Zanotti  

"Last week, there was a Hill story about an organized pressure campaign on Elizabeth Warren, designed to shame her into openly supporting Hillary Clinton rather than the person who fits better with her New England socialist lifestyle, Bernie Sanders. This week, there's word that Clinton surrogate Madeleine Albreight has damned Bernie's feminist legions to Hell for their gender apostasy, openly declaring that they'll be chewed alive by Satan himself in the 11th circle if they don't wise up and get on the Clinton bus." (02/08/16)  

The “War on Terror” has cost US taxpayers $1.7 trillion

February 8, 2016

"According to data compiled by the Mercatus Center citing the Congressional Research Service, the cost of global 'War on Terror' operations (including both Afghanistan and Iraq) since 2001 had reached about $1.6 trillion by FY2014. When war funding approved by Congress for FY2015 is taken into account, the total reaches $1.7 trillion." (02/03/16)  

Only a barbaric nation drafts its mothers and daughters into combat

February 8, 2016
National Review
by the editors  

"The most disappointing moment of Saturday night's debate came when Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and Marco Rubio each embraced the idea that women should register with the selective service, making it possible for America to draft women into ground combat. The argument for registration is based on the new Pentagon policy opening up all combat jobs to women." (02/09/16)  

Saudi offer to send troops to Syria comes with uncertainty

February 8, 2016
Tuscaloosa News    

"Saudi Arabia's offer to send troops to fight Islamic State in Syria is as much about the kingdom's growing determination to flex its military might as it is about answering U.S. calls for more help from its allies in the Middle East. A Saudi deployment runs the potentially explosive risk of confrontation between one of the Arab world's most powerful militaries and forces keeping Syrian President Bashar Assad in power." (02/08/16)  

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