There’s no such thing as unbiased journalism, so stop pretending

May 22, 2015
by David Harsanyi   Reason

"It's unrealistic to expect that even the most conscientious journalist can wholly divorce his or her professional work from his or her philosophical positions. And even if that person were to put forth the sincerest effort possible, biases are likely to manifest in the focus and tone of his or her work. And this doesn't even take into account editors and headline writers, often the worst culprits in one-sided political coverage. So though we have many fine political journalists, we have only a handful of truly unbiased ones in the country. ABC News' George Stephanopoulos is surely not one of them." (05/22/15)  

Railway socialism and safety

May 22, 2015
Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Louis Rouanet   Ludwig von Mises Institute

"The recent Amtrak accident in Philadelphia should lead us to ask two questions: (1) why isn't there competition within the railway sector, and (2) what is the safety record of state-owned and run railway systems compared to private-run systems. It is often said that privatizing passenger trains would lead to more accidents because greedy capitalists would sacrifice safety requirements for profits. Yet, there is no evidence that supports this assertion. In fact, the two safest railway networks in Europe (i.e., the Swedish and British systems) are open to competition. Likewise, the development of railway socialism at the end of the nineteenth century lead not to fewer accidents, but more." (05/21/15)  

Philip Giraldi on The Scott Horton Show

May 22, 2015
The Scott Horton Show
by   Philip Giraldi

"Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi discusses his thoughts on Seymour Hersh's journalism on the 2011 Bin Laden raid in Pakistan, and how the US is making the world less safe by sending the wrong message to Russia, China and Iran." (05/19/15)  

A constitutional lesson for ignorant Colorado sheriffs

May 22, 2015
Tenth Amendment Center
by Mike Maharrey   10th Amendment Center

"I'm sure you've heard the term 'constitutional sheriff' thrown around. The idea is that these elected law enforcement officers will stand between the people and an overreaching federal government. They will interpose and protect their constituents from constitutional overreach. It sounds good in theory, but the whole idea unravels pretty quickly whe these elected cops don't know a damn thing about the constitution they claim to defend." (05/21/15)  

German spy chief says mistakes made in cooperation with NSA

May 22, 2015
Seattle Post Intelligencer    

"Germany's foreign spy chief said Thursday that his agency made mistakes in its dealings with U.S. counterparts, but warned that probes intended to shed light on possible wrongdoing could threaten intelligence cooperation with allies. Gerhard Schindler told German lawmakers that the foreign intelligence agency BND, which he heads, failed for years to properly check lists of targets it receive from the U.S. National Security Agency." (05/21/15)  

Politics is murder in Mexico as two more candidates fall

May 22, 2015
The Canal
by Neal Carter   The Canal

"As the people of Mexico prepare for upcoming elections on June 7, an upsurge in election-related violence and killings has gripped the nation. The latest round of violence took place during the evening of Thursday, May 14, when two candidates in different states were killed in cold blood while campaigning." (05/21/15)  

Politicians love ribbon-cutting

May 21, 2015
Cato Institute
by Randal O'Toole   Cato Institute

"While we hear a lot about crumbling infrastructure, some of our infrastructure is actually in great shape. A close look reveals that the infrastructure that is in best condition is funded by user fees, while infrastructure that is crumbling is funded by tax dollars. This is because politicians prefer ribbons, not brooms." (05/21/15)  

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