What is social justice?

February 27, 2015
The Daily Bell
by Wendy McElroy   Wendy Mcelroy

"It is increasingly difficult to read news stories or listen to broadcasts without encountering the term 'social justice.' But what does it mean? The term's definition is fluid but it generally refers to the forced distribution of 'privileges' across society with an emphasis on providing wealth and opportunity to classes of people who are considered to be disadvantaged. The institutions of society, from government to private business, are tasked with providing equal access to such benefits of life as health care. The individuals of society are judged and granted benefits based on their income, the color of their skin, their gender or other factors by which they are defined into a category of 'advantaged' or 'disadvantaged.'" (02/26/15)


Investigators find 32,000 emails in IRS probe

February 27, 2015
Danville Register & Bee    

"Investigators say they have recovered 32,000 emails related to a former IRS official at the heart of the agency's tea party scandal. But they don't know if any of them are new. The emails were to and from Lois Lerner, who used to head the IRS division that processes applications for tax-exempt status. Last June, the IRS told Congress it had lost an unknown number of Lerner's emails when her computer hard drive crashed in 2011." (02/26/15)


FCC Nazis

February 27, 2015
by Timothy J Taylor   Timothy J. Taylor

"Do you think that George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and the rest of America's founders ever imagined for a second that the Congress and the President of the United States they created with our Constitution would someday begin to delegate their important legislative powers to obscure government agencies, boards, commissions and other bureaucratic entities substantially beyond accountability to the American people? Not for a second did any of them ever imagine such a government nightmare. Yet today by far most of the nation’s laws, rules and regulations are promulgated and decreed by fiat from the whims of legions of faceless unelected bureaucrats who have virtual dictatorial powers over our everyday lives." (02/27/15)


Citizenfour is a real life “John Galt”

February 27, 2015
J Neil Schulman @ Rational Review
by J Neil Schulman   J. Neil Schulman

"What makes Edward Snowden come across as a fictional character is that he as an individual -- with no institutional backing -- took unilateral action with global consequences and justifed his actions on moral grounds. In real life when this happens it's usually a terrorist -- a bomber, assassin, or violent psychopath -- pitting his moral claims against a society he sees as wrong. But Edward Snowden is not a nut job, rather a sane and reasonable man who found himself with an unique opportunity to act against grand institutional criminality that he saw could not be corrected within an existing institutional framework. That makes Edward Snowden the rarest of real-life characters: a noble and effective revolutionary." (02/26/15)


Turkey: Former police chief detained over journalist’s killing

February 27, 2015
Idaho Press-Tribune    

"Turkey's state-run news agency says a former police intelligence chief has been detained as part of an investigation into negligence by officials in the 2007 murder of an ethnic Armenian journalist. Anadolu Agency says Ramazan Akyurek was detained Thursday in Ankara for the death of Hrant Dink." (02/26/15)


On attacking ISIS

February 27, 2015
Bleeding Heart Libertarians
by Kevin Vallier   kevinvallier

"Libertarians are rightly skeptical of military interventions. A simple reason is that military interventions tend to do more harm than good. This simple reason was enough to justify opposition to the war in Iraq. Saddam Hussein was horrible, but the prospects of instability and civil war were always high. And, indeed, intervention in Iraq did more harm than good. At least one hundred thousand Iraqis are dead, and the government that replaced Saddam is unstable and fractious, unable to maintain basic territorial integrity in certain areas. And now ISIS runs much of Iraq. So when people suggest military intervention against ISIS, we have good reason to be skeptical. But I think we have less reason than usual." (02/26/15)


Germany: Parliament votes to extend Greek bailout

February 27, 2015
RTE News [Ireland]    

"The German parliament has voted to extend the Greek bailout for another four months. A total of 542 members of the Bundestag voted in favour of the proposal with 32 against and 13 abstentions. German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble earlier urged his country's politicians to approve the bailout extension, saying it was no easy decision but necessary." (02/27/15)


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