South Africa: Court considers whether president broke law in spending on home

February 9, 2016
Fox News     Fox News

"The chant 'Pay back the money' filtered into South Africa's highest court on Tuesday, as judges heard a case in which President Jacob Zuma is accused of violating the constitution in a scandal over state spending on his private home. Inside court, lawyers argued before 11 judges over whether the president broke the law by failing to follow a 2014 recommendation from the state watchdog agency that he pay back some of the more than $20 million in security upgrades to his rural home." (02/09/16)  

Fun’s over with Trump

February 9, 2016
The American Conservative
by Rod Dreher   Rod Dreher

"I watched several times the entire NSFW 1:53 clip of Trump calling Ted Cruz a p**sy for having constitutional qualms about waterboarding. It doesn't get any better when repeated. The thing that most people are talking about is his use of the vulgarity, which is pretty lowlife stuff coming from a man who wants to sit in the Oval Office. But by far the more disturbing thing was that he was calling Cruz this as a way of asserting his own willingness to torture people, and the Constitution be damned. And here's the thing: a mob in the audience started shouting, 'Trump! Trump! Trump!'" (02/09/16)  

Heartland Daily Podcast, 02/09/16 — Audrey Boerner: Is frac sand mining safe?

February 9, 2016
Heartland Institute
by   Heartland Institute

"In today's episode of The Heartland Daily Podcast, Audrey Boerner from the Institute for Wisconsin's Health Inc. joins research fellow Isaac Orr to talk about the safety of frac sand mining." (02/09/16)  

Judge scolds Obama regime for missing deadline on Clinton emails

February 9, 2016
The Hill     The Hill

"A federal judge scolded the Obama administration on Tuesday for violating its pledge to release all of Hillary Clinton's emails by the end of last month. The State Department won't be able to make public even a portion of the remaining 7,000 pages of Clinton's emails until at least late next week, an administration lawyer said in a courtroom on Tuesday afternoon." (02/09/16)  

War on young women

February 9, 2016
Common Sense
by Paul Jacob   Paul Jacob

"According to a weekend CNN-WMUR poll in New Hampshire, Sen. Bernie Sanders leads former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by eight percentage points. Among women. ... Not to worry, the faces of establishment feminism have been mobilized." (02/09/16)  

Vice City, Mardi Gras, and government regulation

February 9, 2016
Learn Liberty
by staff  

"Learn Liberty has a new On Demand program, Vice City, that explains all the ways that the government kills our buzz. Professors Peter Jaworski, Aeon Skoble, and Daniel D’Amico take you on a journey of all things vice. You’ll learn about how deregulation of craft beers has helped revolutionize the entire industry, how alcohol laws do the opposite of what they intend, and how anti-smoking laws infringe on individual liberty." (02/08/16)  

The Tom Woods Show, episode 589

February 9, 2016
The Tom Woods Show
by   The Tom Woods Show

"It's considered bad form to criticize Milton Friedman -- why, you must be some kind of 'libertarian purist!' But if you can't be a libertarian purist on the Tom Woods Show, where can you be? Walter Block and I look at the good and the bad about Milton Friedman." (02/09/16)  

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