Libertarianism and racism

September 19, 2014
The Daily Bell
by Wendy McElroy   Wendy Mcelroy

"Three accusations about racism are being hurled at libertarianism. As libertarianism ascends in political prominence, the accusations will get louder." (09/18/14)  

Obama regime rebuffs Ukraine junta’s appeal for arms

September 19, 2014
USA Today    

"The White House refused to include weapons in an aid package announced Thursday for embattled Ukraine despite an impassioned plea by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko for more military assistance. The Obama administration is providing $46 million in non-lethal security assistance and $7 million for relief organizations providing humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians affected by the conflict between . The White House announcement came shortly after Poroshenko stood before a joint session of Congress and pleaded for more political support and military equipment beyond the non-lethal aid the United States has pledged." (09/18/14)  

AL: Judge repeals First Amendment

September 19, 2014
San Francisco Chronicle    

"A state court judge sided with Alabama Gas Corp. and blocked the Montgomery Advertiser from publishing information about the utility's plan for gas line safety, which the Alabama Public Service Commission released through an open records request. ... Alagasco filed suit claiming the document, which contains proprietary and safety-related information, was released without required notification to the company. ... The newspaper refused requests by the utility that it return the document, court records show. The newspaper argued in court documents that Vance's ban on publication is a case of unconstitutional prior restraint, in which the government blocks information from being published. Also, it said, much of the information in the plan already is available publicly." (09/14/14)  

Mexico: 21 killed by army had surrendered

September 19, 2014
Thibodaux Daily Comet    

"A woman says she saw Mexican soldiers shoot and kill her 15-year-old daughter after a confrontation with a suspected drug gang even though the teenager was lying wounded on the ground. Twenty others also were shot and killed in rural southern Mexico after they surrendered and were disarmed, the mother told The Associated Press. The Mexican government has maintained that all died during a fierce shootout when soldiers were fired on in the early morning of June 30." (09/18/14)  

Argentina: Congress approves law for controlling prices

September 19, 2014
ABC News    

"Argentina's congress on Thursday approved a law that lets the government intervene in setting prices and profits in an attempt to tackle one of the hemisphere's worst inflation rates. Economy Minister Axel Kicillof said the measure, approved earlier by the Senate, would defend consumers against 'the innumerable abuses we suffer every day on the part of concentrated groups with monopoly power.'" (09/18/14)  

Black markets do not protect minorities

September 19, 2014
Competitive Enterprise Institute
by Michelle Minton   Michelle Minton

"Former Denver mayor Wellington Webb argues in a Sept. 14 op-ed in The Hill that legalized online gambling would be bad for minority populations. ... He bases this claim on the high rate of 'disordered' gambling among low-income and African American communities. But if Webb truly cares about the possible threat online gambling poses for vulnerable groups, he ought to be lobbying states to legalize and regulate the activity." (09/18/14)  

Brian McGlinchey on The Scott Horton Show

September 19, 2014
The Scott Horton Show

"Brian McGlinchey, director of, discusses why it’s time to declassify the secret 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission Report that focus on the involvement of foreign governments in the attack." (09/17/14)  

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