George W. Bush has Mozul’s clit blood on his hands

July 25, 2014
Liberty Chat
by Cathy Reisenwitz   Cathy Reisenwitz

"Bad news for women in Mozul. Isis has declared their intention to mutilate the genitals of every woman in the city aged 11-46. Isis marched into the power vacuum created in Mozul by the US. After deposing Saddam Hussein and propping up of a toothless head of state and ineffectual military, that military left their US-bought arms in the city and fled Isis attacks. So now a radical Islamist terror organization controls the area, and is better armed than ever." (07/24/14)  

Egypt: Imprisoned Australian reporter to appeal

July 25, 2014

"An Australian Al-Jazeera journalist will appeal his conviction on charges that he aided Egypt's outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, his brother said Friday. Journalist Peter Greste's brother Mike Greste said a Cairo legal firm had been appointed and was in the process of lodging the Al-Jazeera-funded appeal. Family spokeswoman Heidi Ross said she could not say whether the journalist's two Al-Jazeera colleagues would also appeal their convictions." (07/24/14)  

In defense of Vladimir Putin

July 25, 2014
by Bill Bonner  

"A bunch of trigger-happy rebels are on the ground shooting at Ukrainian military airplanes. One of them is bound to do something stupid sooner or later. None of the people on the ground had an interest in shooting down the airliner ... except those who wanted to pin it on Putin. But who knows? Everybody makes mistakes. And if it turns out it was Russian separatists, it is extremely unlikely that they were operating under direct orders from Moscow. Besides, compared to the reckless and murderous way the US and its allies throw their weight around, Russia has been remarkably restrained and civilized." (07/25/14)  

So THAT’S what’s in it!

July 25, 2014
by Chip Bok   Reason

Cartoon. (07/25/14)  

Trends in anarchism

July 25, 2014
Daily Anarchist
by Libertanius Maximus   Daily Anarchist

"When I share critiques of anarchist/voluntarist philosophy nearly every reply I get from its adherents is the same parroted, 'that's a sweeping generalization!' almost as if they are reading from the same script. To clarify, I have been chatting with anarchists for over two years now. I have fought alongside of them, argued with them, and heard their arguments. I didn't talk to three anarchists, and then start making generalizations. I have interacted with hundreds of anarchists, representing a pretty good cross section of what they think and how they behave. I side very heavily with anarchist/voluntarist philosophy, but I see some pretty big chinks in their armor that they refuse to even acknowledge." (07/25/14)  

The politics of perception

July 25, 2014
by Bruce McQuain   QandO Podcast

"One of the more surprising things of late, at least to me, is the short memory the left seems to have. As I've observed them over the years, one of the things I've noticed is they seem to understand the saying 'in politics, perception is reality.' Or at least they did. And it was why they tried to seize and control the narrative. If they could fashion the perception of the people to be to their advantage, then the 'reality' would follow One only has to think back of the 8 years of GW Bush to watch that in action. But now it seems they’ve either forgotten that point or think they’re immune to it. Or maybe they’re just better on the offense than the defense." (07/24/14)  

Colombia: Ex-Venezuelan intelligence chief detained in Aruba

July 25, 2014
Altoona Mirror    

"Authorities in Aruba announced Thursday that they arrested a close confidant of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez who was sent as that country's consul to the Caribbean island despite being sanctioned by the U.S. government on charges of drug trafficking. Hugo Carvajal, the former head of military intelligence under Chavez, was arrested at the request of the U.S. prosecutors and is expected to appear in an Aruban court Friday." (07/24/14)  

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