Free Talk Live, 09/24/16

September 25, 2016
Free Talk Live
by   Free Talk Live

"Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party :: Trump Advocates Stop-and-Frisk Nationwide :: Does Stop-and-Frisk reduce violent crime? :: End Prohibition :: Bill Weld :: Crime Intervention :: Heroin Legal :: Cynical Caller :: Ghetto :: Prostitution and Drug Legalization :: Nationalism :: Age and Maturity :: You Own Yourself." (09/24/16)  

WA: Suspect arrested in mall shooting that left five dead

September 25, 2016
USA Today     USA Today

"Authorities arrested a man Saturday night in connection with the shooting at a mall in Burlington, Wash., that left five people dead. Washington State Patrol identified the suspect as Arcan Cetin, 20, of Oak Harbor, Wash. Cetin was taken into custody at around 7 p.m. PT in Oak Harbor, about 29 miles southwest of Burlington. ... Initial surveillance footage from the Cascade Mall showed the suspect entering the building late Friday without a weapon but walking into Macy's about 10 minutes later carrying a 'hunting-style' a rifle, police said. The suspect, described as in his teens or early 20s, went into the store's makeup area where he shot four women and a man, Lt. Chris Cammock of the Mount Vernon Police Department said at a news conference. He then left on foot, out of range of cameras." (09/24/16)  

The EPA’s “power plan” is an unlawful power grab

September 25, 2016
Competitive Enterprise Institute
by Marlo Lewis, Jr.   Competitive Enterprise Institute

"The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral argument next Tuesday, September 27 on the Environmental Protection Agency's so-called Clean Power Plan. The centerpiece of President Obama's climate policy agenda, the Plan establishes first-ever carbon dioxide (CO2) emission standards for 'existing' (already built) coal and natural gas power plants. The Plan will increase consumer energy prices and impede job and GDP growth yet have no discernible effect on global temperatures or sea levels. However, that's not why the Court should strike it down. The Court should overturn the Plan because it is an unlawful power grab. The Plan will compel States to establish new, or more aggressive, cap-and-trade programs and renewable electricity mandates -- policies Congress has debated for 20 years and repeatedly declined to enact." (09/23/16)  

Threat inflation and short memories

September 23, 2016
The American Conservative
by Daniel Larison   Daniel Larison

"If the world is not demonstrably more unstable and chaotic than it has been in previous decades, why are there so many people claiming that it is? Like most kinds of alarmism, this one seems aimed at frightening people into accepting dubious policies. The general goal seems to be to get the U.S. and their allies to be as meddlesome overseas as possible." (09/22/16)  

US rewards Israel’s bad behavior

September 23, 2016
Free Association
by Sheldon Richman   Sheldon Richman

"Benjamin Netanyahu has been perhaps the most anti-Palestinian Israeli prime minister in a large rogue's gallery dedicated to driving the aggrieved Palestinians out of the land they and their ancestors have lived in and worked for millennia. This oppression -- which has included ethnic cleansing, savage war on the people of the Gaza Strip, routine brutality and humiliation, and expanding illegal Jewish settlements on land conquered through aggressive war -- has been underwritten and encouraged by the U.S. government since 1948. It has been rare indeed for an American president to express opposition or even irritation with an official Israeli act of brutality -- and even then the consequences have varied between the symbolic (and short-lived) and nonexistent. The lip-service calls for Israel finally to leave occupied Palestinian land (the two-state solution), like President Barack Obama's latest, count for nothing because no one believes the U.S. government is an honest broker that cares about injustices against the Palestinians." (09/22/16)  

Two candidates, two bad responses to terrorism

September 23, 2016
Cato Institute
by A Trevor Thrall   A Trevor Thrall

"The arrest of Ahmad Rahami, a naturalized American citizen from Afghanistan who moved to the United States with his family when he was 7 years old, has poured new fuel on the debate about immigration and national security. On Monday, Donald Trump argued that 'These attacks, and many others, were made possible because of our extremely open immigration system ... Immigration security is national security.' Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, warned against indicting an entire religion but promised to 'smash ISIS' through intensified airstrikes. Tragically, neither presidential candidate is offering solutions that make much sense." (09/22/16)  

NY: Eight, including former Cuomo aide, face public corruption charges

September 23, 2016
CBS New York     CBS News

"A former top aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been charged in connection with an alleged bribery and kickback scheme, authorities announced Thursday. Joseph Percoco, Cuomo's former executive deputy secretary, and Alain Kaloyeros, president of SUNY Polytechnic Institute, are among eight who face charges, according to a criminal complaint by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara. According to the federal complaint, Percoco took more than $315,000 in bribes from 2012 through 2016 to Syracuse-based COR Development and Competitive Power Ventures, an energy company looking to build a power plant in the Hudson Valley." (09/22/16)  

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