Trolling is a free speech issue and always has been

October 22, 2014
by Tom Slater   spiked

"The sight of a politician deciding what should and shouldn't have a 'place' on social media, and empowering the courts and the police to intervene accordingly, has rightfully sparked concern among commentators and free-speech campaigners. Emma Carr, deputy director of the civil-liberties group Big Brother Watch, warned that 'these new amendments, and potentially laws, could stifle freedom of speech online.' In the Daily Mail, Dominic Lawson was even more forthright: 'o ask the police to keep up with every troll on the exponentially expanding internet is to wish for a publicly funded security organisation more akin to that of the People's Republic of China, or the late unlamented East German Stasi.'" (10/21/14)  

Sauce for the goose

October 22, 2014
The Libertarian Enterprise
by L. Neil Smith   L. Neil Smith

"Throughout its history, American culture, otherwise a shining beacon of individual liberty, has suppressed the freedom of certain minority groups, among them, homosexuals. Unbelievable physical brutality and evil, repressive, unjust laws characterized this period. In the latter part of the twentieth century, and the early part of the twenty-first, that highly regrettable situation has been turned on its head. In Denver, a baker is being persecuted by authorities for refusing to violate his religious principles by making a wedding cake for two males." (10/19/14)  

Syria: Assad pursues withering campaign against rebels

October 22, 2014
Baton Rouge Advocate    

"Syrian President Bashar Assad is taking advantage of the U.S.-led coalition's war against the Islamic State group to pursue a withering air and ground campaign against more mainstream rebels elsewhere in the country, trying to recapture areas considered more crucial to the survival of his government. As U.S. and allied jets swoop freely over towns and cities under control of extremists in northern Syria, the Syrian army has scaled back its air activity over areas of IS control, doing as little as possible there to avoid confrontation." (10/21/14)  

Russia: Moscow airport bosses blamed for French oil chief’s crash

October 22, 2014
Sydney Morning Herald [Australia]    

"Russian investigators have accused senior airport officials of criminal negligence over a plane crash at a Moscow airport that killed the head of French oil giant Total, Christophe de Margerie, whose private jet hit a snowplough on takeoff. Several executives would be suspended, the investigators said of the accident which also killed three crew members. They added that the driver of the snow-clearing machine was drunk on the job -- a claim disputed by his lawyer." (10/22/14)  

Curbing Obama power grabs

October 22, 2014
Heartland Institute
by Paul Driessen   Paul Driessen

"The courts and Senate provide no checks and balances. Could a Republican Senate help?" (10/21/14)  

What do Obamacare and the war on ISIS have in common?

October 22, 2014
Campaign For Liberty
by Norm Singleton   Campaign For Liberty

"The Obama Administration has not been honest with the American people about the costs of either." (10/21/14)  

FBI probing if three American teens detained in Germany attempted to join ISIS

October 22, 2014
Fox News    

"The FBI says it is investigating the possibility that three American teenage girls were attempting to join the Islamic State in Syria when they were detained in Germany. A law enforcement source told Fox News Tuesday that the girls are home in Colorado after they were tracked down in Frankfurt. The three girls are all under the age of 18 and are not expected to face charges." (10/21/14)  

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