Government officials are determined to turn vapers into scofflaws

May 4, 2016
by JD Tuccille   JD Tuccille

"It shouldn't be surprising that, even as researchers endorse the harm-reduction potential of e-cigarettes and a prominent British medical group flat-out endorses their use, government officials are doing their best to make vaping difficult and expensive, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stands poised to impose what are widely expected to be burdensome regulations on the popular smoking substitute. After all, what good is a pleasurable pastime without a little taste of prohibition? Or, at least, that seems to be about as far as official 'thinking' ventures. If officials are successful in their efforts to tangle vaping in red tape, you can expect the public reaction to be as defiant as always." (05/03/16)  

Identity politics is the enemy of equality

May 4, 2016
by Matthew Leish   spiked

"In the name of justice and equality, certain identities are now given preferential treatment over others. Students' union officials will often openly state that a white, male heterosexual has different political interests than a black, female homosexual, and so should be treated differently. This is a tragedy. Identity politics diminishes both individuality and autonomy. You are defined by your category, speak for your group, and are responsible for the actions of others who share your identity. And where a victim identity entitles you to special treatment, a privileged identity permits you to be punished." (05/03/16)  

Remember how we got out of Vietnam?

May 4, 2016
Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger   Jacob G Hornberger

"Do you remember what U.S. national-security state officials were saying when millions of Americans were demanding that the U.S. government withdraw its troops from Vietnam and bring them home? They were saying that 'national security' was at stake -- i.e., the very survival of the United States. If the U.S. government withdrew from Vietnam, they said, the dominoes would start falling to the communists, first in Southeast Asia and ultimately all over the world, with the United States being the final big domino. Vietnam was our line of defense against the entire world going red. It was all false." (05/03/16)  

Tilted windmills

May 4, 2016
by Tim Slagle  

"An experiment by a central Illinois community college explains why green energy is such a bust. Four hundred years after Cervantes penned Don Quixote, fighting windmills seems to make more sense, than the windmills themselves. Well, they make no sense for the consumer. If you're General Electric, you're bringing in $6.3 billion a year from the sale of wind turbines, thanks to generous government subsidies. It's strange that people so adamant about making GE pay their all taxes, have no qualms about giving them large bundles of cash to put up these Bird Processors." (05/03/16)  

Should you be punished for breaking a law you didn’t know existed?

May 4, 2016
by Bonnie Kristian  

"Many crime laws are pretty obvious. Murder? Clearly illegal. Burglary? Common sense would suggest the same. Fraud, larceny, assault? It doesn’t take any special legal knowledge to figure out you’re going to be in trouble if you do this stuff. But what about transporting water chestnut plants across state lines? What about receiving a shipment of lobsters packed in clear plastic? Or faking a sick day at work? Or unknowingly linking to a site which hosts extremist views? Or getting lost in a blizzard on federal land? Or what about selling loose cigarettes?" (05/03/16)  

Sixteen reasons why Venezuela is on the brink of collapse

May 4, 2016
PanAm Post
by Pedro Garcia Otero   PanAm Post

"verall, the current crisis has two main explanations. One is the country's nefarious dependence on oil, which creates a population used to dependence, not real productivity. The second is that a political elite that has greatly enriched itself has not allowed general poverty to diminish. Politicians continue to exploit and plunder the country's wealth -- in particular its oil wealth -- knowing that, if they lose power, they will be brought to trial both locally and internationally. The following are 16 reasons why Venezuela is dangerously close to economic catastrophe." (05/02/16)  

Evil is weak

May 4, 2016
Freeman's Perspective
by Paul Rosenberg   Paul Rosenberg

"From television, politicians, and endless 'authorities,' we learn that evil is pre-eminent. God may be supremely powerful, but he's powerful somewhere far away; Satan is powerful here. We can slide into evil with ease, but being good is difficult. Western man is convinced that darkness is stronger than light, whether he defines it in religious terms or secular terms. The fear-sellers, we must admit, have won the day. This primacy of fear and darkness is necessary to authority of course; without it, how would we be driven into their arms? So, when someone comes along and calls evil a weakling, we think they're a bit crazy, and maybe we worry that the devil might notice and chop them down." (05/03/16)  

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