Dr. Ablow confesses on national TV: His cell phone owns him

January 30, 2015
by Timothy J Taylor   Timothy J. Taylor

"Apparently, when Dr Ablow, the so-called scientist, encounters some individuals doing stupid things with their technological devices, he deludes himself into thinking that 'we' all are prone to do the exactly the same thing with 'our' technological devices, therefore technology is making 'us' all neurotic slaves to our modern gadgets which have come to own 'us,' including himself. Yes, he probably thinks that robots will take over the world and make 'us' all slaves to modern technology. This, I think, is concrete proof of the fact that normal people shouldn’t listen to the ravings of today’s TV psychiatrists, or for that matter, any other dubious TV talking head puppet." (01/30/15)


Citing lack of funds, UN agency suspends aid to help rebuild Gaza

January 30, 2015
Hawaii Telegraph    

"The United Nations aid agency tasked to rebuild the war-devastated Gaza strip has suspended its program of reconstructing homes for thousands of Palestinians because it is not receiving support promised by international donors. The program was designed to provide cash assistance to thousands of Palestinians who needed to repair homes damaged or destroyed during Israeli bombardments last summer." (01/29/15)


Obama should have visited the Taj Mahal and skipped Saudi Arabia

January 30, 2015
Independent Institute
by Ivan Eland   Ivan Eland

"In a symbol of the broader sidelining of his 'pivot to Asia' to attend once again to the recurrent quagmire that is the Middle East, President Barack Obama decided to cut out his visit to the Taj Mahal and leave India early to fly to Saudi Arabia -- to pay his respects to the family of recently deceased King Abdullah and meet with new King Salman. Since the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Saudi Arabia has enjoyed the protection of the United States in exchange for providing the world with cheap oil. And the wider Middle East has enjoyed excessive U.S. strategic and military interest for the same reason." (01/29/15)


NY: Venezuelan general surfaces after 11 months on the run

January 30, 2015

"A dissident Venezuelan general who has been in hiding for nearly a year emerged Thursday for a public appearance in New York. Retired Brig. Gen. Antonio Rivero has been on the run since President Nicolas Maduro ordered his arrest last spring, accusing him of training 'fascists' to foment unrest during street protests that rocked the socialist South American country." (01/29/15)


Nigeria: Angry youths stone leader’s convoy; police fire gas

January 30, 2015
Spartanburg Herald Journal    

"Youths angry at the Nigerian government's failure to fight Islamic extremists threw stones Thursday at President Goodluck Jonathan's electioneering convoy in the eastern city of Yola, breaking windshields and windows on several vehicles. An Associated Press reporter was unable to see if anyone was hurt. Police used tear gas and whips to disperse the mob." (01/29/15)


Will the Supreme Court reinforce or diminish your property rights?

January 30, 2015
Downsize DC
by Jim Babka   Jim Babka

"The Supreme Court will soon review the 9th Circuit ruling in City of Los Angeles v. Patel. We need your support to file an amicus brief in support of the 9th Circuit decision. That decision further strengthened the property rights basis of the Fourth Amendment. But it is going to be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court." (01/29/15)


Honoring tyrants

January 30, 2015
Common Sense
by Paul Jacob   Paul Jacob

"A Saudi blogger has just received the first 50 of 1000 lashes for 'insulting Islam.' He's got 950 lashes and ten years of prison to go. That's the sentence the Saudis imposed on Raif Badawi last May for criticizing clerics. ... For controversial reasons, our own government thinks it's important to maintain a strong alliance with Saudi Arabia's. Even if that dubious proposition were correct, to cooperate on specific questions of foreign policy and to especially sanction the shapers of such a regime are two very different things. Yet with flabbergasting obtuseness, the U.S. military has just announced its sponsorship of an essay competition 'in honor of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz' (who was alive in May). (Yes, seriously.)" (01/29/15)


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