India’s dangerous food subsidies

August 27, 2014
Cato Institute
by Daniel R. Pearson   Cato Institute

"India’s trade-distorting farm subsidies are already far in excess of the limits agreed to in their World Trade Organization commitments. Now India wants WTO members to look the other way while it increases subsidies further. With global commodity prices weakening, those subsidies are likely to damage farmers in other countries, tempt tit-for-tat reactions from their governments, and threaten the rules-based international trading system. To staunch that threat, agricultural trading nations should bring a WTO dispute-settlement case seeking an end to India’s abusive practices." (08/27/14)  

NY: Businessman opens fire on gangsters during Queens home invasion

August 27, 2014
New York Daily News    

" said." (08/27/14)  

Mr. Bernanke vs. the structuralists

August 27, 2014
by Scott Sumner   Scott Sumner

"Lots of people talk about the 'Yellen Fed,' but so far it seems a continuation of the Bernanke policy. I see no important changes. There is also optimism that Draghi may act to boost the eurozone economy. While he makes the right noises, the markets don't seem convinced. The 10-year German Bund yields 0.94%, the 30-year is at 1.8%. Those yields suggest to me that Draghi's vague promises lack credibility." (08/26/14)  


August 27, 2014
Future of Freedom Foundation
by Matthew Harwood  

"Members of the American armed forces are props. They wave from convertibles as Independence Day parades make their way down Main Street U.S.A. They are trotted out at football games to bless the proceedings as some kind of martial event. They wish us happy holidays from countries many Americans can’t find on a map. The traditional narrative is that these men and women are the best of us. They risk life and more likely than not limb to protect us from al-Qaeda or rogue states such as Iraq or Iran. They are the vanguard of liberty, knocking down odious regimes so that freedom can be planted in foreign soil and contribute to a democratic peace sometime in the near future. Ann Jones will have none of that. Her They Were Soldiers is a suppurating wound of a book -- the 21st-century equivalent of Dalton Trumbo’s horrifying antiwar novel, Johnny Got His Gun." (08/27/14)  

DPR: Occupied town hit by separatist shelling

August 27, 2014
Washington Post    

"A town in town of Novoazovsk. Plumes of black smoke rose above the town, which was hit repeatedly shelled Tuesday, injuring four residents in a local hospital, according to the town’s mayor, Oleg Sidorkin." (08/27/14)  

Syria: Obama regime announces it wants war with Assad regime

August 27, 2014
Washington Post    

"The Obama administration has ruled out the possibility of coordinating any U.S. airstrikes in Syria with President Bashar al-Assad’s government, forcing U.S. officials to either design a campaign that would evade Syrian air defenses or coordinate it with Assad through a third party. Despite the shared U.S. and Syrian interest in defeating Islamist militants in the region, there will be no cooperation with Assad, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Tuesday. 'We’re not going to ask for permission from the Syrian regime,' she said." (08/26/14)  

Gaza truce open-ended, but puts off tough issues

August 27, 2014
Huntington Herald-Dispatch    

"Israel and Gaza's ruling Hamas agreed Tuesday to an open-ended cease-fire after seven weeks of fighting -- an uneasy deal that halts the deadliest war the sides have fought in years, with more than 2,200 killed, but puts off the most difficult issues. In the end, both sides settled for an ambiguous interim agreement in exchange for a period of calm. Hamas, though badly battered, remains in control of Gaza with part of its military arsenal intact." (08/26/14)  

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