Jordan: Abdullah dissolves parliament, appoints caretaker PM

May 31, 2016
Deutsche Welle [Germany]    

"Jordan's King Abdullah appointed veteran politician and economist Hani al-Mulqi as prime minister after dissolving parliament by royal decree, following the end of its four-year term. The monarch also charged al-Mulqi with scheduling new elections by October. Al-Mulqi, 65, previously served as Jordan's foreign minister and ambassador to Egypt. The king also accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour, as is customary under the constitution, before appointing an interim head of government." (05/30/16)  

The party of polling inclusion

May 31, 2016
by Brad  

"This is plumbing new depths of pathetic: choosing a candidate not because 'we need him to win the election,' or even because 'we need him to win some polls,' but because 'we need him to be included in some polls.' But hey, it's going to be all hunky-dory ..." (05/30/16)  

Hillary Clinton’s emails: Lying in plain sight

May 31, 2016
The American Spectator
by Debra J Saunders   Debra J. Saunders

"Speaking in San Francisco Thursday, Hillary Clinton told supporters that Donald Trump is not fit to be president. 'He roots for himself,' the former Secretary of State proclaimed, 'and that's the type of person who should not be president of the United States.' By that standard, Clinton herself has no business running to win the White House." (05/29/16)  

Uganda: Museveni to halt military, security ties with North Korea

May 31, 2016
Reuters     Reuters

"Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said his country would halt security and military cooperation with North Korea, a South Korean official said following a summit in Kampala between Museveni and South Korean President Park Geun-hye. Uganda hosted 45 North Koreans providing police training as recently as December, according to a February report by a United Nations panel of experts. Another report by the panel last year said North Koreans trained Ugandan police on the use of AK-47s and pistols." (05/29/16)  

The costs of immigration are the price of liberalism

May 31, 2016
Bleeding Heart Libertarians
by Chris Freiman and Javier Hidalgo   Bleeding Heart Libertarians

"The worry that immigrants will consume more in government services than they pay in taxes and thus increase citizens' tax burden is a common one, particularly among libertarians. Suppose for argument’s sake the empirical claim is correct (we doubt that it is, but we won’t press the point). This doesn't clinch the case for immigration restriction -- after all, an increase in the tax burden is a predictable consequence of the exercise of lots of liberal freedoms. You have the right to enroll in any philosophy Ph.D. program that accepts you. But this choice puts you at risk of long-term unemployment and raises your odds of needing unemployment benefits." (05/30/16)  

Revisionist History Day, 2016

May 31, 2016
Free Association
by Sheldon Richman   Sheldon Richman

"Today is Revisionist History Day, what others call Memorial Day. Americans are supposed to remember the country's war dead while being thankful that they protected our freedom and served our country. However, reading revisionist history (see a sampling below) or alternative news sites (start with and don't forget to listen to the Scott Horton Show) teaches that the fallen were doing no such thing. Rather they were and are today serving cynical politicians and the 'private' component of the military-industrial complex in the service of the American Empire." (05/30/16)  

US regime allows female World War 2 pilots to be buried in Arlington

May 30, 2016
BBC News [UK state media]     BBC News

"The cemetery is where US presidents, honoured military personnel and national heroes are buried. President Barack Obama has recently signed a law that allows the pilots from the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) to buried in the famous cemetery. This is not the first battle they have won in their fight for recognition." (05/30/16)  

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