Oakland’s voters should stop soda tax

October 27, 2016
Independent Institute
by William F Shughart II, Josh T Smith   Independent Institute

"No one needs the government or special interests playing nanny and telling them they shouldn't have a soda -- especially when the justification is supported by strained extrapolations from flawed research. Ultimately, a soda tax will succeed only in further extending the power of the state into the personal choices of individuals and placing another regressive tax on consumers, raising revenue on the backs of low-income households." (10/26/16)


Learn how to shift blame? I don’t think so …

October 27, 2016
by Wendy McElroy   Wendy Mcelroy

"One of the most powerful tools in changing myself has been the phrase 'it is what it is.' First and foremost, accept the reality of what happens without wasting time bemoaning the injustice or folly of it all. This is not a statement of accepting defeat in the face of adversity. Quite the opposite. In order to assert whatever control you have over a situation, you need to grasp the hard cold edges of it without flinching. It is what it is." (10/27/16)


EU-Canada trade deal: Belgians break Ceta deadlock

October 27, 2016
BBC News [UK state media]     BBC News

"Belgian political leaders have reached a consensus in support of the Ceta trade deal between the EU and Canada, Prime Minister Charles Michel has said. He said 'an agreement' was found after the latest round of negotiations with Belgium's French-speaking communities who had been holding up the deal. A signing ceremony on Thursday was cancelled after the region of Wallonia vetoed the agreement. ... French-speaking Wallonia, a staunchly socialist region of 3.6 million people, had been leading objections to the deal, demanding stronger safeguards on labour, environmental and consumer standards. But after the latest round of marathon talks, Mr Michel tweeted: 'All parliaments are now able to approve by tomorrow at midnight. Important step for EU and Canada.'" (10/27/16)


The left’s Fed Up makes a naked power grab for control of the Fed

October 27, 2016
The Cobden Centre
by Ralph Benko  

"The left is undertaking an amazing back door plan to dramatically increase its influence over the Fed's interest-rate-setting Open Market Committee. The key activist group, a division of the Center for Popular Democracy, is working to kick the bankers off the boards of directors of the district Federal Reserve banks. Those boards choose the presidents who serve, in rotation, as voting members on the FOMC. Brilliant. In scope, the left's plan makes trivial by comparison Auric Goldfinger's 'Operation Grand Slam' to contaminate America's gold holdings at the US Treasury Depository at Fort Knox. Goldfinger planned to turn them radioactive. Those holdings amounted, in 1964, to about $14 billion. They are now valued at close to $200 billion. Either way, a tidy sum. Yet it's just a nickel compared to the Fed's more than $4 trillion holdings." (10/27/16)


The American election through English eyes

October 27, 2016
Libertarian Alliance
by Sean Gabb   Sean Gabb

"I hope, though do not believe, that Donald Trump will win the election next month. I do not suppose that he would keep many of his promises. Some of them do not seem capable of being kept. But the fact alone of his victory would be a blow against a New World Order that is underwritten by American military power and cultural influence." (10/26/16)


Populism is not an ideology

October 27, 2016
Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Joseph T Salerno   Joseph T. Salerno

"According to Brooks, populist policies thus 'involve some combination of increased redistribution, protectionism and restrictionism.' In other words, on economic issues at least, populism is the polar opposite of classical liberalism and libertarianism. But nothing could be further from the truth. For populism is not a right-wing ideology but a strategy that may be used by any ideological group whose political agenda differs radically from that of the ruling class." (10/27/16)


The Jason Stapleton Program, 12/26/16

October 27, 2016
The Jason Stapleton Program
by   The Jason Stapleton Program

"In an election year where rhetoric is at an all-time high, the Washington Post just blew the roof off. The article by Matthew Sheffield asserts that 'paleolibertarianism' is responsible for Trump's racist, truther driven rise. Why, because that's what libertarians are, a bunch of racist, anti-government, 9-11 conspiracy's theory loons. According to Sheffield, the Ron Paul fans have shifted to Trump in the absence of a more Paulinian candidate." (10/26/16)


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