Turkey: Government, Kurdish authorities argue over Yazidi refugees

November 21, 2014
Biloxi Sun Herald    

"In a picnic grove nestled in wheat and cotton fields just south of Diyarbakir, municipal officials have set up a refugee camp for more than 4,000 Yazidis who fled the threat of genocide when Islamic State extremists captured their cities in early August. U.S. airstrikes provided the cover for Yazidis to escape the Sinjar region of northern Iraq, but it was the Syrian affiliate of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, known by its Kurdish initials as the PKK, that set up a security corridor and guided them to safety through Iraqi Kurdistan and later to Turkey." (11/20/14)


Mexico: Citizens angry about 43 missing students protest

November 21, 2014
Altoona Mirror    

"Tens of thousands marched in the capital Thursday demanding that authorities find 43 missing college students, seeking to pressure the government on a day normally reserved for the celebration of Mexico's 1910-17 Revolution. Officials had canceled the traditional Nov. 20 Revolution Day parade, and marchers carrying 'mourning' flags with Mexico's red and green national colors substituted by black suggested the country was in no mood for celebration." (11/21/14)


US sends Guantanamo prisoners to Georgia, Slovakia

November 21, 2014
Altoona Mirror    

"Five prisoners have been released from Guantanamo Bay as part of a renewed effort to close the detention center at the U.S. Navy base in Cuba, officials said Thursday. Three men were sent to Georgia and two to Slovakia for resettlement. They were among dozens of low-level prisoners at Guantanamo that an administration task force in 2009 deemed to no longer pose a threat." (11/21/14)


Religion and public education

November 21, 2014
Future of Freedom Foundation
by Laurence M. Vance   Laurence M. Vance

"In a free society, there would be no controversies concerning the teaching (or lack of teaching) of religion in public schools. That is because there would be no public schools, which, after all, are nothing but government schools. In a free society, not only would the government not operate schools, it would have nothing to do with education." (11/20/14)


Always look on the bright side of life

November 21, 2014
Independent Institute
by Aaron Tao   Independent Institute

"In the modern era, when new cycles are driven by 'if it bleeds, it leads' and naysayers continue to insist that things are getting worse, it is easy to lose heart and think we are living a world descending into violence, stagnation, bigotry, and . ... A careful review of facts shows that public perception is often out of sync with reality, particularly when long-term trends are taken into account. Matt Ridley's excellent book The Rational Optimist tells the uplifting side of the story." (11/20/14)


You’ve been Gruber’d, stupid!

November 21, 2014
Heartland Institute
by Alan Caruba   Alan Caruba

"Will the last name of the MIT professor identified as the 'architect of ObamaCare' become a verb some day? Will people say 'I've been Gruber'd?' or 'the government is “Grubering again?' After all, when he admitted that ObamaCare's passage was achieved by deceiving the Congressional Budget Office and the entire American public, turning his name into a synonym for lying is not unthinkable. Adding insult to injury, he said the voters were 'stupid.'" (11/20/14)


How the Fed got huge

November 21, 2014
by Jeffrey Rogers Hummel   Reason

"Before he became chair of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke agreed with the free market economist Milton Friedman that central bank policy played a key role in making the Great Depression the most severe in U.S. history. But the two parted ways on the reason why. And that disagreement goes a long way toward explaining why the financial crisis of 2007-2009 has brought not just a dramatic increase in the powers and activities of the Federal Reserve but a fundamental transformation of its role within the economy." (for publication 12/14)


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