Italian prosecutor: Convicted US diplomat held in Portugal

October 8, 2015
Akron Beacon Journal    

"A top Italian anti-terrorism prosecutor says an ex-U.S. diplomat convicted of the CIA kidnapping of an Egyptian cleric has been detained in Portugal. Armando Spataro told The Associated Press that Sabrina De Sousa was arrested at Lisbon Airport Monday. She was released from custody on Wednesday but her passport was seized pending a court decision on whether to turn her over to Italy to serve her six-year sentence." (10/08/15)  

Guinea: Political clashes in capital kill one, injure 12

October 8, 2015
Albany Democrat-Herald    

"Clashes in Guinea's capital between opposition supporters and those of the ruling party have left at least a dozen people injured. A hospital worker says one person has been killed. Demonstrators from Cellou Dalein Diallo's Union for the Democratic Forces of Guinea party took to the streets of Conakry on Thursday, burning vehicles and shops." (10/08/15)  

TX: Austin pols propose, crowds oppose, protectionist measures for cab monopolists vs. Uber, Lyft

October 8, 2015
KXAN News    

"Fearing regulation changes to transportation networking companies (TNCs) in Austin, more than 24,000 Austinites have signed a petition through Uber, opposing new proposals. On Wednesday, the city of Austin's Mobility Committee approved new rules and regulations they want to put in place for TNCs like Uber and Lyft. In two 3-1 votes, the committee approved imposing an annual fee for ride sharing services and fingerprinting drivers." (10/08/15)  

How Amazon made me place 2,419 orders

October 8, 2015
Foundation for Economic Education
by Barry Brownstein   Foundation for Economic Education

"The last time I called customer service at Amazon, I was greeted by a cheerful employee who said, 'Thank you for being a loyal Amazon customer. You have placed 2,419 orders with Amazon. How can I help you?' My jaw dropped: 2,419 orders? I have been shopping at Amazon since 1997, but who knew then how Amazon would change our shopping habits? My initial orders were for books, but Amazon anticipated that I and other consumers would be open to shopping for others things, too. Over the years, I've also bought televisions, computers, electric shavers, printer ink, shoes, food, and many other items from Amazon." (10/08/15)  

Why the US should stop bombing people

October 8, 2015
Downsize DC
by Perry Willis and Jim Babka   Downsize DC

"If we killed enemies who invaded our homeland, many would recognize that we were merely defending ourselves against aggression. But things are far less clear when we meddle in foreign disputes. And things become even more complicated when guerrilla combatants are mixed in with the civilian populace. This is the case in all the places where we're currently dropping bombs." (10/08/15)  

The gender wage gap — a myth that (still) just won’t die

October 8, 2015
Independent Institute
by Abigail Hall   Abigail Hall

"As a female economist, I can appreciate working in a predominantly male field. I can appreciate equality. But I can also appreciate rotten statistics, bad incentives, and arguments that hold as much water as a slotted spoon. The new law in California will do nothing to increase women's wages and may in fact harm female workers. Why? As an employer, would you want to take the risk of hiring more women, only to be questioned and accused of gender discrimination every time you pay a man more than a woman?" (10/08/15)  

The Pope and Kim Davis: Another religious fiction

October 8, 2015
by Timothy J Taylor   Timothy J. Taylor

"Sounds pretty impressive right? The Pontiff is interested in poor little nobody, Kim Davis, and her religious liberty cause against homosexuals. That's why he invited her to Washington for a private audience so that he could encourage her not to give up; to stay strong as it were. There's one big problem though: It didn't happen. It's a fraud; just another religious fiction in the mind of Kim Davis and her attorney." (10/08/15)  

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