Pakistan: Three women among four anti-polio workers gunned down in Quetta

November 27, 2014
Daily Times [Pakistan]    

"At least four volunteers of an anti-polio campaign -- women and a young man, were shot dead and three other women workers wounded in a targeted attack on the vehicle of anti-polio campaigners in Eastern Bypass area, an outskirt of Quetta, on Wednesday. The campaign was suspended in the area after the incident. The attackers opened fire after polio workers introduced themselves." (11/27/14)  

Evil disguised as care and compassion, tyranny disguised as liberty

November 27, 2014
The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton  

"Happy Thanksgiving! I wrote about thanks yesterday; fortunately, most of us still have many things to be thankful to God about, but we also need to include both prayers for deliverance (and the strength of will to work out our own) and for freedom; the kind of things in these first two stories, which are examples of how evil and twisted many in our society have become." (11/27/14)  

Chemtrails, Zen tales and the libertarian Zero Aggression Principle

November 27, 2014
Libertarian News Examiner
by Garry Reed   Garry Reed

"Everyone, we are told, knows that chemtrails, those white fluffy-looking streaks crisscrossing the skies of our world, are not vapor trails left by the Jet engines of airplanes; they're really a secret conspiracy by our One World rulers to poison every human being on the planet by deliberately spraying us with chemical or biological agents for undisclosed nefarious purposes." (11/25/14)  

MO: Second night of Ferguson protests, second night of violence

November 26, 2014

"ike the night before, the tension here got thicker with every tick of the clock Tuesday. Protesters, kept at bay all evening by riot police and the National Guard, got restive. It was cold. It was late. Some flipped over a police cruiser briefly, broke out its windows and set it on fire. Police moved in quickly to snuff it out. ... Forty-four people were arrested and officers said they seized a Molotov cocktail. A car was set ablaze at a parking lot near Brown's memorial, but sporadic gunfire in the area stopped officers from responding, said St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar." (11/26/14)  

Nigeria: Two female suicide bombers kill more than 40 at market

November 26, 2014
Los Angeles Times    

"Two teenage girls wearing suicide belts blew themselves up in a market in northern Nigeria on Tuesday, killing more than 40 people, authorities said. It was the latest in a string of horrific attacks in Nigeria for which Islamist militants are blamed. The day before, dozens were killed in Damasak, a town on the border with Niger, when insurgents disguised as traders attacked the local market, gunning down people seemingly at random in a style of attack that has become commonplace in northeastern Nigeria." (11/25/14)  

Rand Paul sorta goes to war

November 26, 2014
by Justin Raimondo   Justin Raimondo

"There's absolutely nothing in Paul's resolution that justifies a declaration of war. Nor is there any attempt to show how the Islamic State represents a 'clear and present danger' to the US: indeed, this claim is plainly comical, rather like an elephant being brought to its knees on account of the intimidating presence of a fearsome mouse. One wonders if it occurred to the geniuses advising Sen. Paul that a formal declaration of war by the US against the Islamic State would be a huge propaganda victory for the jihadists. After all, we haven't taken such a step since World War II: do we really want to elevate this makeshift 'Caliphate' to the status of a threat on the order of Hitler and the Axis powers?" (11/26/14)  

Syria: Regime airstrikes reportedly kill dozens in Raqqa

November 26, 2014
The Daily Star [Lebanon]    

"Syrian government warplanes carried out a series of airstrikes Tuesday on the de-facto capital of the extremist group ISIS, killing at least 60 people, shattering shop fronts and setting dozens of cars ablaze, activists said. Some of the air raids struck a market near a museum and an industrial neighborhood in the city of Raqqa, causing many civilian casualties, they said. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an anti-regime monitoring group, put the death toll at more than 60, among them 36 civilians whose names it was able to document." (11/26/14)  

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