Interview with a small town “cautious libertarian”

December 22, 2014
Dallas Libertarian Examiner
by Garry Reed   Garry Reed

"Past articles asked where libertarians come from philosophically. This time the question is geographical; at least one libertarian came to Dallas from Alpine, a town of just under 6,000 souls deep in the heart of Big Bend Country in Southwestern Texas. His name is Raymond Kessler, retired Professor of Criminal Justice at Sul Ross State University and former Assistant DA and Defense Attorney, and he's the subject of this exclusive interview." (12/21/14)  

Haiti: Interim prime minister named

December 22, 2014

"Health Minister Florence Duperval Guillaume was named as Haiti's interim prime minister on Sunday following the resignation of her predecessor a week ago amid a stalemate over delayed legislative elections. Duperval Guillaume will hold the post for a maximum of 30 days, as established by the constitution, before a permanent choice is presented to parliament by President Michel Martelly, according to Enex Jean Charles, secretary general of Haiti's council of ministers." (12/21/14)  

The Cuba opening: American foreign policy meets reality

December 22, 2014
Cato Institute
by Ted Galen Carpenter   Ted Galen Carpenter

"A willingness to restore diplomatic ties with Havana, combined with the ongoing talks with Iran on that country’s nuclear program and an assortment of other regional issues, suggests that perhaps the suffocating Wilsonian approach to diplomacy may finally be weakening. One can only hope that is the case." (12/18/14)  

Tunisia: Former regime official is new president

December 22, 2014
Providence Journal    

"Tunisian polling firms have declared Beji Caid Essebsi, an 88-year-old official from previous regimes, as the winner of Sunday's presidential runoff, cementing his dominance over a country where his party already controls Parliament. The runoff election marks the culmination of a 4-year-long rocky transition to democracy after Tunisians overthrew dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in 2011, kicking off pro-democracy uprisings around the region in what became known as the Arab Spring." (12/21/14)  

Mark Thornton on The Scott Horton Show

December 22, 2014
The Scott Horton Show
by   Mark Thornton

"Mark Thornton, Senior Fellow at the Mises Institute, discusses the 100 year anniversary of the War on Drugs, its firm foundation in racism and bigotry, and how it has been taxed, regulated, and legislated into a multi-billion dollar government enterprise of destruction." (12/18/14)  

Afghanistan: Roadside bomb and Taliban attack kill 14

December 22, 2014
Zee News [India]    

"A roadside bomb and a Taliban attack on a police post have killed 14 people including children in Afghanistan, officials said Sunday. Seven civilians died when a bomb hit a pickup truck travelling from Asadabad, the capital of the eastern province of Kunar, to Nari district near the border with Pakistan on Saturday. ... In northern Afghanistan Saturday seven police were killed and about a dozen wounded when some 200 Taliban fighters attacked their post in the Qushtapa area of Jawzjan province, provincial police spokesman Ahmad Farid Azizi told AFP." (12/21/14)  

How Dodd-Frank financial regulation is messing up that thing where you surf zero-APR credit cards this Christmas

December 22, 2014
Competitive Enterprise Institute
by Clyde Wayne Crews   Clyde Wayne Crews

"Dodd-Frank financial regulation is the gift that keeps on taking. If you’re juggling Christmas bills, or soon will be -- or maybe trying to take advantage of some great travel reward credit card to see loved ones -- you might have to make an unanticipated interest payment if you’re not careful. Partly owing to Dodd-Frank’s bundle of constraints, the credit-card APRs banks collect are sky high these days, even though everyone else loses money on sub-1% money market and CD accounts thanks to ordinary inflation." (12/18/14)  

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