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We try to keep up with the freedom movement and include every event we hear about on the calendar that appears in our sidebar ... but we're only human. If we haven't noticed your event, help us out!

If it's a one-time event for a temporary group, and you don't think you'll ever have another event to promote, drop us a line using our contact form.

Chances are, though, that you're an activist who'll be planning or promoting lots of events now and in the future, so why not sign onto Upcoming (a Yahoo! events calendar service) and make a habit of entering your events there? Once you've done that, you can send them to our group, Freedom Events, and they'll appear in that calendar as a matter of course.

This is one-stop shopping for promoting your events -- you can add them not only to our Freedom Events calendar, but to the calendars of any number of other groups related to the freedom movement or to specific issues.

Best regards,
Tom Knapp
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