Romney clinches GOP nomination

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May 29, 2012
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"Mitt Romney clinched the Republican presidential nomination on Tuesday with a resounding victory in Texas ... He will be formally nominated at the Republicans' convention in Florida in late August." (05/29/12)  

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  • Rocky Frisco

    You don't win the nomination by winning a straw poll; you win it by getting the loyalty of delegates. This "news" story is pure bullpoop.

    • No, you don't win the nomination by getting the "loyalty" of delegates.

      You win the nomination by getting the VOTES of delegates … and in some cases delegates are bound by rules which require them to cast first ballot votes for the winners of those straw polls. They don't have to like it. They just have to do it.

    • that Romney’s refusal to resleae his tax returns would come back to bite him big time … and it did in the SC Primary.Romney forgot the first rule of politics … the need to be proactive rather than reactive … and now he is left playing catch-up politics .. never a good thing.It is not his wealth that is at issue. He could have turned his success into electoral advantage … ‘We should celebrate success. It is the American dream and give me a chance and I will make you (America) wealthy too’ … or suchlike. He has squandered that chance. He is playing the Washington outsider vs the Washington insider card and how that that will resonate remains to be seen.But I continue to be amazed that the GOP sees Romney and Gingrich as quality candidates. They are to the Republicans much like Goff was to Labour and Peters to National before be jumped/pushed.On current form I fear that Obama will win at a canter.Mike Huckerbee … where are you?

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