Dow hits highest mark since 2007

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May 1, 2012
Houston Chronicle    
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"The fastest growth in U.S. manufacturing in 10 months gave stocks a lift Tuesday and pushed the Dow Jones industrial average to its highest close in more than four years. ... The Dow added 65.69 points to 13,279.32, its highest closing mark since Dec. 28, 2007, during the first month of the Great Recession." (05/01/12)  
  • Bob Robertson

    Yes, INFLATION will do that.

    Numeric notation has little to do with actual worth.

  • That’s too bad… more bubble to burst later.

    Not a word here about anything that would actually indicate improvement.

    How many insane EPA regulations and mandates repealed?

    How many OTHER insane “laws” and taxes were repealed?

    How many small businesses found they could survive because of lower taxes and regulations?

    How many farmers and ranchers were able to keep producing because they were not taxed and regulated into bankruptcy and ruin?

    How many young people found meaningful, productive jobs – especially black youth?

    How many square miles of “government land” were turned over to the rightful owners?

    How many thousands of government “jobs” were eliminated?

    How many student and mortgage loans were paid in full?

    How many people managed to pull themselves out of all debt?

    Not a word about any of that, of course. That would be real change, and a real turning around. Can’t have any of that.

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