An unlikely ally

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March 19, 2012
Future of Freedom Foundation
by Richard Schwartzman  
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"[Pat] Robertson’s position stops well short of the libertarian position -- full legalization of all drugs (it’s none of the government’s business what people choose to ingest). Yet, it’s close enough for us to consider him an ally in this fight. Marijuana will be legalized long before heroin and cocaine, but it’s a start; and it’s a good one." (03/19/12)  
  • No, not a good start at all. It’s a trap and a distraction. Alcohol was “legalized,” and has never moved out of the theft and control racket of government since. “Legalization” is merely a sop to make some folks feel better and has nothing at all to do with individual freedom and responsibility.

    Decriminalize raw milk. Now That would be a good start.

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