FL: Truck invader shot

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March 19, 2012
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""A 40-year-old man was shot to death Sunday after an argument that started in the parking lot of a library on Ponce de Leon Boulevard in St. Augustine, police said. Detectives said Blythe tried to hop in another pickup truck, filled with a beach-bound family of four, including two children. Officer Mark Samson with St. Augustine Police said the driver ran into the house to get his father, and a gun. "As they come outside, they see him halfway outside the driver's door of the truck, trying to get the keys in the truck and the girlfriend's saying, 'no, you can't have anything. I've got kids here,' and at that point she feels he tried to take one of the kids out of the truck," Samson said. The pickup truck drivers' father came around the truck and got into a physical altercation with Blythe, Samson said. Then, the shooter told police he pulled the trigger, firing a single bullet into Blythe's head, ending a few minutes of pure chaos." (03/19/12)


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