Spinning business as usual

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March 13, 2012
Fred On Everything
by Fred Reed  
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"It is not hard to direct the instinctual combativeness into hatred of any desired foe. Tribalism is innate in humanity. But the hostility cannot be precisely focused. Typically the soldier is young, not too bright, poorly educated, and not real sure what the war is about. You cannot train him to hate the enemy according to fine distinctions. They are all gooks, dinks, slopes, zipperheads, sand niggers, towel heads. That much used slogan of the Albigensian wars, 'Kill them all, God will know his own,' becomes emotional bedrock to soldiers. And so he comes to hate them all." (03/13/12)

  • Once he (or she) has killed, self-justification will come into play and the evil will be more entrenched. Bring them home like this and they will easily kill their neighbors at the behest of the commanders.

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