Why drug legalisation probably won’t increase drug consumption

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March 12, 2012
Adam Smith Institute
by Tim Worstall  
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"The very problem we perceive with drugs is that people will do near anything to keep getting them. Which is simply another way of saying that demand is inelastic. If demand is inelastic then legalisation is unlikely to increase consumption very much. Even I'm not sure that this is perfectly true but I do think it is generally so." (03/10/12)



  • The problem with that, Tim, is that it is totally irrelevant how much, if any, the demand might change. The question is: Who owns your life and body?

    If the government, or “society” or anyone else owns it, then they can control everything you think, say and do. And your “owner” can use any level of force they desire to control you.

    If YOU own it, then what you think, say or do is nobody else’s business… as long as you do not initiate force against others. If you do, the initiation of force is the crime, nothing else.

    Doesn’t matter if we are talking about political speech, drugs, guns, raw milk or peanut butter.

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