Do-It-Yourself regulation

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February 26, 2012
Center for a Stateless Society
by Kevin Carson  
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"[A]s the network revolution reduces the transaction costs of organizing outside institutions to zero, the DIY Regulatory State will be able to coordinate boycotts, culture-jamming, Wobbly-style open-mouth sabotage, wildcat strikes, and the like, far more effectively than ostensibly 'countervailing' (but de facto collusive) regulatory institutions ever did. Frank Kernaghan’s culture jamming and the Coalition of Imolakee Workers were the Altair of this model. The string of victories from SOPA to ACTA to the Susan Komen Foundation to Virginia’s trans-vaginal ultrasound mandate were its Apple II. It’s not even into the Macintosh stage yet; that stage may be reached with smart-phone apps coordinating boycotts through barcode swipes." (02/25/12)  

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