LAND: The week in review February 12-18

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February 19, 2012
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Commentaries on Ron Paul secretly taking over GOP, Going off grid, Dawn of the drones, The amazing Obama budget, The Occupy movement,Four reasons to act against ACTA, The Neighbor from Hell (3), Drink up with your Valentine at Starbucks, Reassessing police treatment of Occupiers, Twenty faces of an American uprising, “Anti-racist” censorship , Eight simple steps towards revolution, “Babysitting While White,” and Should Occupy use violence?

In the news, Pro Obama chant taught to Texas kindergarteners, Morth Carolina School ‘lunch inspector’ nixes child’s home packed lunch, New voice in drug war debate: Central American business, Anti-abortion “personhood” bill clears senate in Oklahoma, Judge sets up grand jury in no-show job case, Police tell Occupy Nashville to leave and Ban Occupy Nashville bill up for vote, One in eight US voter registrations has errors, In Frankfurt, Occupy soldiers on, Chinese Government officials flee Zhejiang village over land grab protests, Vietnamese Farmer a hero after shootout with police and Tor anonymity project to help Iranians sidestep Net ban

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