Debt will destroy this country from within

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February 14, 2012
Freedom Politics
by David N. Bass  
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"Cut federal debt or the United States will cease to exist as a superpower -- that was the message Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson had for a packed house at Duke University’s Page Auditorium. Bowles and Simpson, co-chairs of a congressional committee created through a 2010 executive order of President Barack Obama to address the nation’s fiscal hurdles, spread the blame evenly between the major political parties for the country’s $15 trillion debt during their Page Auditorium appearance in January." (02/13/12)  


  • olde reb

    The FR will destroy the nation whether federal spending is balanced or deficits continue to escalate. A Ponzi scheme has only one ending. Only the timing can be altered.

    The Federal Reserve BOG and FRBNY have concealed $7 trillion in profit from the government over the past six years. The unedited Treasury auction accounts handled by the FRBNY conceal the theft. RIP OFF BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE posted at has been filed as an exhibit in a whistleblower suit.

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