The adventures of America’s Alinskyites in Egypt

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February 14, 2012
Russia Today [Russian state media]
by Ilana Mercer  
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"It is a fact -- and three of the Republican presidential candidates will applaud it -- that Washington fields community agitators, whose brief it is to unleash marauders for mobocracy all over the world. DC does so through NGOs, surrogates and other unwitting participants, confirms former State Department official Col. Lawrence Wilkerson. 'Purple' in Iraq, Blue in Kuwait, Cotton in Uzbekistan, Grape in Moldova, 'Orange' in the Ukraine, 'Rose' in Georgia, 'Tulip' in Kyrgizstan, 'Cedar' in Lebanon, Jasmine in Tunisia, Green in Iran, still un-christened in Russia and Syria: Dig around and you’ll find LaHood a la Alinsky activists behind these 'color-coded,' plant-based revolutions, blessed and backed by baby Bush and his non-identical, evil ideological twin, Barack Obama." (02/10/12)  

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