Catholic Church and the state

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February 6, 2012
The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton  
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"Roman Catholics did this to themselves: 54 percent of American Catholics voted for the current incumbent. The RC church’s position will be compromised by its continuing allowance of sin to live within its ranks: no, not JUST the pedophile priests, but people like Rep. Pelosi, the Kennedy family members, and tens of thousands of politicians across the nation who claim to be faithful christians and Roman Catholics and STILL allow or order the killing of babies in their jurisdictions -- such as the cops, courts, public health agencies, and city council of Philadelphia which allowed a mass murder equal to anything done in any Nazi death camp to be performed for DECADES in their 'City of Brotherly Love.' How long, O Lord, how long will Thou suffer this to continue?" (02/06/12)  

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