The Syrian crucible

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February 5, 2012
by Justin Raimondo  
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"In the Western media, the Syrian narrative is all about how helpless protesters are being massacred by government forces, but the reality is quite different, as this report by the Arab League monitoring mission makes clear. Of course we didn’t hear much about this report when it was released: anything that goes against the Official Narrative is summarily dropped into the Memory Hole and never seen again." (02/06/12)  


  • Hi. Interesting post. In medicine, we learn not to rdipect outcomes where there are too many variables. I suspect the same here, though you provide a lot of food for thought. My respect in advance if you prove right. The most heartening thing is your tie-in of how the Israeli public is nowhere close to demoralized, and in fact the opposite. Yoram Hazony’s book, “The Jewish State – the Struggle for Israel’s Soul” reviews the history of Zionism as an abridged compendium of Zionist ideas from Herzl in 1896 to the current “post-Zionism” philosophy that preaches incompatibility between democracy and any “Jewish” quality of Israel. These modern “thinkers” who have a stranglehold on Jewish academia in Israel are pushing their Supreme Court to repeal the Jewish Law of Return. Just like in the US, what the academic “experts” and Israeli media think, and what “red-state” middle-Israel thinks are 2 different things. I’m only a third of the way through this book, but it will be interesting to see who wins this war of ideas (I vote for your bartender). The outcome has to be at least as important for the future of Israel as what Olmert & company think. If Peretz is as crafty as your plan, my kudos to them for a brilliant public media snow-job. If not, I surely hope that bartender has lots of buddies.

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