RRND/FND 2012 Annual Fundraiser Update

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February 1, 2012
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Our fundraising goal for 2012 is to either raise $10,000 by December 23rd (our 10th anniversary) or to get our "subscribing contributor" revenues up to $1,000 per month (preferably both!).

As of January 31st, we have raised $463 for the year, and our subscribing contributor revenues are at $463 per month.

We're not doing the "update every day" thing this time around. I'm just coming to you once a month or so to let you know where we're at ... and as you can see, we're behind the curve.

To put this in perspective:

If we get our subscribing contributor revenues up to $1,000 per month gross, and if the average monthly contribution is $5, we'll net $910 per month (after PayPal fees).

That means that our "full-time" publisher/editor (me -- 4-6 hours on a good day, often longer) will gross $327.60 per month; our three part-time editors (Mary Lou Seymour, Steve Trinward and R. Lee Wrights) will gross $163.80 per month; and our part time tech support dude (Brad Spangler) will gross $91 per month.

We're not exactly talking limousine and wine list wages here, folks ... we don't eat much. But we gotta eat. So please return value for value to the freedom movement's daily newspaper with a one-time contribution or a monthly subscription of as little as $1 per month. Here's the URL:


Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
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