LAND: The week in review January 8-14

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January 15, 2012
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Commentaries on Is this land really made for you and me?, Women, war, & peace, Watching New Hampshire, A year of wonders — and another to come?, Boycott SOPA,Kodak, Still waiting on the anti-Afghan war protest, Oakland’s dirty war, Litigating for liberty, How your privacy will be invaded in 2012, Anarchy in the United States: A closer
look at the era of the Wild West and Cuts? What cuts?
In the news, Arizona's Brewer lifts hold on medical marijuana dispensaries process, New Hampshire Same-sex marriage faces repeal test, GOP pol would “stomp a mudhole” in transgender people, Almanza recommends full court martial in Manning case, SCOTUS says no to new rule on eyewitness testimony and Marine biologist indicted for feeding whales

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