I’m only in it for the freedom

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January 15, 2012
The Libertarian Enterprise
by L. Neil Smith  
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"Just now, the choice is clearer, and the contrast easier to make out, between individual liberty and universal slavery -- and more of my fellow Americans seem to be aware of it -- than at any other time I know of. Freedom has found a champion in Congressman Ron Paul, and, at the moment, thanks to him, the word 'libertarian' is on everybody's lips." (01/15/12)

  • Elke Mikaelian

    I agree with your "stand your ground" attitude, and I'm surprised that people find it so hard to get behind freedom. Your title would make a great bumper sticker. I would like to buy one for me and some to give away. That would be something I could afford more than paying you for your individual articles.
    You have a very good way with words!

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