Ron Paul, tribune of the working class?

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January 15, 2012
The New Republic
by Alec MacGillis  
Posted in Commentary, PND Commentary

"Amid all the talk this week about whether Newt Gingrich et al will be able to bring down Mitt Romney with their attacks on Bain Capital, there's been little said about the man who's really on the move: Ron Paul. After finishing a strong second in New Hampshire -- tripling his share of the vote from four years ago -- Paul is the one getting a bounce in South Carolina. A PPP poll released today shows him jumping into third place in the state, up six points from last week to 15 percent. Is it a coincidence that an attack on Romney and Bain that is meant to peel away economically aggrieved working-class voters should be redounding to Paul's benefit?" (01/13/12)  

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