Republicans lying to Republicans

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January 15, 2012
J. Neil Schulman @ Rational Review
by J. Neil Schulman  
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"On the question of which Republican presidential candidate would stand the best chance of denying President Obama a second term, only two candidates poll well: Romney and Paul. Romney’s political record is close to being indistinguishable from Obama’s. ... Yet, over and over again, Fox News Channel political commentators including Dick Morris, Bill O’Reilly, Charles Krauthammer, Megyn Kelly, and Sean Hannity tell their viewers that Ron Paul is dead last in electability in the general election against President Obama." (01/14/12)  

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  • Teresa

    They do this because they're owned by the billionaire Wall St. bankers that Bush, Cheney, Obama, and Romney are owned by. Maybe they do it because they're stupid, but I think it's because they're owned —

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