Hi, Doc! I’m from the government

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January 12, 2012
Orange County Register
by Sally Pipes  
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"Officials in California just announced they were working with Harvard University doctors Jerry Avorn and Michael Fischer to overhaul how painkillers are prescribed to disabled workers in the state. ... Proponents say it's an effective way to provide doctors with unbiased information on various prescription-drug options. But the government has an ulterior motive: cost control." [editor's note: If only she weren't defending the world's largest trade-union, with an enforced monopoly on orthodox medical care, based on pill-prescribing and aftercare, not curing disease and promoting wellness - SAT] (01/11/12)

  • Say.. here's a new idea… leave everyone alone to buy, grow or concoct anything they wish to treat their pain, depression or whatever. Or just to have a hell of a good time. But nobody is forced to bail them out if they choose badly. It's a two sided coin. One won't work without the other.

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