Report: Drug OD deaths rise fast

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January 11, 2012
Los Angeles Times    
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"The number of drug deaths in the U.S. continued to climb in 2010 .... The preliminary 2010 data do not show what types of drugs were involved in the deaths. But a Los Angeles Times examination last year of recent government data found that prescription drugs, especially painkillers and anti-anxiety drugs, accounted for more fatal overdoses than heroin and cocaine combined." [editor's note: How to bury the lead! it's well into the story when you first notice how Big Pharma-concocted poisons lead the list here - SAT] (01/11/12)  
  • Not nearly enough information. How many of those deaths were due to the tylenol component of prescription analgesics? How many were due to allergies, or medical mistakes? Not all deaths caused by drugs are due to "overdose," and most deaths are probably due to a number of factors… drug use being only one of them.

    And one factor that almost nobody talks about is the INTENT of the user. If they don't care about their own lives, why should anyone else? Drug use of almost any kind has a potential for harm, and the information about it is readily available. The nanny state can't really keep you safe from yourself, even if that was the intent — which it is not.

    More scare mongering to increase government control.

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