TN: Haslam proposes cuts to estate, food taxes

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January 10, 2012
The Tennessean    
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"Gov. Bill Haslam proposed cuts to the estate tax and the food tax as part of a package that he hopes to get through the state legislature. ... Haslam’s plan calls for reducing immediately the food tax to 5.3 percent, from the current 5.5 percent. The cut will cost the state about $18 million a year in revenue. Haslam set the goal of eventually cutting it to 5.0 percent." [editor's note: Better yet, REPEAL the food tax on all basic foods, and then begin rolling it back in general - SAT] (01/10/12)  
  • The only way a tax cut can "cost" the state anything is if the "state" already owns everything to start with. Too bad nobody in TN seems to have figure this out.

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