Obama’s power grab sets precedent Democrats will regret

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January 9, 2012
Competitive Enterprise Institute
by John Berlau  
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"What's next? Appointing executive branch officials when the Senate is taking a lunch or bathroom break? In November 2007, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid declared the Senate in pro forma session for the two-week Thanksgiving break. Every three days, a handful of senators would gavel the Senate into session and gavel it out just a few minutes later. ... Republicans were furious at this deliberate ploy to keep Bush from making recess appointments by never declaring a formal recess." (01/06/12)

  • Now it no longer matters. Any President can now make appointments to Administration positions without "Advise and Consent," stating that Obama set the precedent. This means the Democrats can't complain when a Republican does the same thing!

  • Would anyone think the economic mess of the world was ok if there were no such thing as "Jews?" The problem is the problem, and would be just as destructive no matter who was involved – or where they came from.

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