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January 8, 2012
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Happy 2012 ... I rarely do fundraising appeals, but, I do still welcome contributions ... if you enjoy this weekly digest, it'd help keep it coming if you'd throw a fw bucks in the virtual hat every so often ...

Commentaries on Gitmo, Ten years and counting,Obama’s tyrannical abuse of power, Obamacare already sending costs through the roof, What we can learn from the Greens, Government to government plan to seize control of all foods, Is the Spirit of ’76 dead?, The worst 10 assaults on freedom in 2011, The rush to archive Occupy, The moral foundations of Occupy Wall Street, States’ rights claim from Brewer goes to pot and the question of the week, Is it time to leave?

In the news, military reservist Thorsen faces discipline after Paul rally speech, Florida GOP proposes felony charges for abortion doctors, Federal Judge tosses lawsuit against Arizona’s medical marijuana law, Gingrich: Founding fathers would have “violent” reaction to pot growers. Tennessee County sheriff sued for wrongful detainments, Hungarians cry foul over new Constitution

Til next week

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