We will not solve the debt issue during this generation

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January 8, 2012
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by Robert P. Murphy  
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"A lot of you keep saying, 'Deficits are functionally equivalent to taxation.' Yes, you're right, in the sense that I could come up with a complicated scheme with no deficits (involving redistributive taxation in periods 1 through 8 ) to mimic my second scenario above. But in the real world, it is not at all true that 'deficits are equivalent to tax-financed schemes.'" (01/07/12)



  • Not being a PHD economist, I didn't read much of this… but what I did read sounds like a lot of hooey to me.

    This sounds right instead.
    The Collapse of Our Corrupt, Predatory, Pathological Financial System Is Necessary and Positive
    By Charles Hugh Smith http://www.oftwominds.com/blognov11/collapse-of-c

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