The exact instant the Santorum “surge” ended …

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January 8, 2012
by Thomas L. Knapp  
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"Within the lifetimes of most people my age (45), same-sex marriage will not only have been fully legally implemented by all 50 states and recognized by the federal government for tax purposes and such, but advocacy of turning back the clock on the matter will enjoy (and rightfully so) the same political cachet and public support as proposals to re-institute segregation of public water fountains by race or to accord US Senators the privilege of jus primae noctis in their home states." (01/08/12)  

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  • Actually, Thomas, I expect to see such personal choices become nobody else's business whatsoever.

  • Mama, I'd certainly like that. Of course, in some cases (dispute/divorce), they'll always become other people's business to the extent that outside arbitration is needed, but the state certainly has no business in the matter (I believe you've seen my recent C4SS post on the subject, which hasn't made it into RRND yet).

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