IA: Thorsen faces discipline after Paul rally speech

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January 5, 2012
Fox News    
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"Ron Paul boasts that he gets more fundraising dollars from military members than any other Republican presidential candidate, but the enthusiastic support of one enlisted man could get the supporter in trouble. Cpl. Jesse Thorsen spoke at Paul's post-Iowa caucuses rally ... But Thorsen, 28, a reservist who preceded his appearance at the rally with an interview on CNN, was wearing his fatigues, and that is a violation of military code." (01/05/12)

  • I hate to say it but as a veteran who has no love for my former employer AND as an ardent supporter of Ron Paul, the military is right.

    There are very strict rules about political involvement while in uniform. Of course Rank Has It’s Privileges, but a Corporal knows he doesn’t have the rank of a Colonel or better.

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