Drugs, guns and madness in the Ron Paul Revolution

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January 5, 2012
Accuracy in Media
by Cliff Kincaid  
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"Ron Paul didn’t do as well as the media thought he would in Iowa, but he is moving on toward New Hampshire, where the candidate has what the media call a good 'ground game.' But the 'Ron Paul Revolution' in New Hampshire looks a lot like what Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn tried to accomplish with the 1960s generation. Disillusioned young people, brainwashed with illegal mind-altering drugs and armed with weapons in the name of 'liberty,' are being taught to hate their government and the police." [hat tip -- Mike Gogulski] (01/04/12)


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  • Be sure to read the comments under this silly piece. Wonderful to know that so many folks who do "get it" are keeping track of this idiot – and calling him on it. Not that he cares, of course.

  • Thanks to Kincaid for all the neat publicity for the movie… and an introduction to rational thinking as a great alternative to Kincaid thinking for so many of his readers. You can only shovel just so much BS onto folks before they start to gag.

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