Ron Paul at the Iowa marker

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January 5, 2012
Liberty Unbound
by Bruce Ramsey  
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"In Iowa, Ron Paul came in third. Four years earlier, he had come in fifth, with 10% of the party vote. Now he has more than doubled his support, to 21.5%. His new total suggests he has established libertarians as a significant faction within the Republican Party. This is no certain thing. We will know when Paul retires, and the faction is led by someone else, perhaps his son. In either case, it is not a majority faction, and Paul is not going to be nominated." (01/05/12)  

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  • I read this , and I really liked it.I can’t agree with cheatpr 40 Religion and Liberty. I am from Poland (Europe), I am atheist, but I am definitely not a socialist! I believe that Austrian Economics and the Liberty is the right way to go.It is not the religion that i don’t agree with, it is the church. In Poland we have only one very strong Catholic Church. It has great influence even in politics and economics. Every other churches are seen as religious sects. I think it is that power that corrupts, not a religion.I really hope we have many insignificant religions, as You do in USA.Highly rated. What do you think? 11 0

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