Mommy, what’s a caucus?

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January 2, 2012
The American Prospect    
Posted in PND Commentary

"If you want to challenge your pedagogical skills, try explaining the Iowa caucuses to a child: 'You see, Billy, in America, we get to choose our presidents, and every citizen gets to participate. So to start the process off, everyone who wants to be president spends months in the state of Iowa, personally meeting as many Iowans as they can. And then one Tuesday in January, those Iowans go to their local schools and community centers, hang around for an hour listening to boring speeches, then cast their votes. ... And then somebody gets to be the party's nominee, and that person will run against President Barack Obama in the fall. Does that make sense, Billy?' Billy will quite reasonably reply: No. It makes no sense at all. But in case he has some follow-up questions, let's try to have some answers ready." (01/02/12)  

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