Iraq: It just keeps getting better and better

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January 2, 2012
Campaign For Liberty
by Doug Bandow  
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"Remember that great success in Iraq? A wonderful multi-ethnic democracy which would highlight American freedom values around the region? Oops! It appears that a second round of de facto ethnic cleansing is occurring. Back during the worst of the sectarian violence mixed neighborhoods largely disappeared from Baghdad. Now the few that remain are seeing an exodus of minority Sunnis." (01/02/12)  
  • I personally think the main thing that kept the Sunnis and Shiites from mass-killing-each-other was that we were there as a common enemy for both. Watch what happens now that we are mostly gone. Muslims have been murdering each other since the days of The Prophet; the religion seems to encourage this behavior. I think the USA needs to get the Hell out of the area and let them do what they do best.

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