Politics, tax money corrupts global warming “science”

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December 29, 2011
Libertarian News Examiner
by Garry Reed  
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"Every time laymen get into scientific arguments with scientists the laymen lose .... But none of the Libertarian News Examiner articles argue the science per se. Articles rest on pointing out that the science is corrupted by politics, and that because many scientists just as credible and numerous as the GW and AGW scientists dispute the legitimacy of the science -- some even claiming evidence for global cooling -- that the science itself is profoundly immature." (12/29/11)



  • co2hound

    Let's assume that climate science is corrupt.

    Governments the world over fund much of the science that is done for the public good just like they fund public education. Somehow the sciences having to do with AGW have been corrupted by this tax payer money. The list of sciences that have been part of this corruption are: biology, chemistry, climatology, geophysics, physics, paleoclimatology and others. It's interesting that so many sciences are OK and not corrupt when applied to other investigations outside of global warming … but as soon as they are applied to global warming they become corrupt. To my knowledge I have not read anything that would explain this phenomenon.

    They all follow the same methodology, have the same assumptions about the world and get funding from more or less the same sources … yet when applied to global warming they become corrupted. This result is amazing … magical even. And what proof is offered for this phenomenon? Opinions are offered. Has there been science done on this issue to verify that it is true … no. We have opinions only. So really there is no explanation as to why scientists whose work is used for global warming science are suddenly corrupt.

    The argument is therefore silly and further those that promulgate it are know-nothings … a legitimate political party in the USA for many years. Considering the USA has a group of republican candidates who are science know nothings, one of them has a 50% chance of becoming president of the most powerful country in the world. Opinions will rule in a fact free USA. Scary business indeed!

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