More lies from Ron Paul

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December 29, 2011
Freedom's Phoenix
by Mike Renzulli  
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"I was active in the libertarian movement and Party for over twelve years. During my time spent among them I noticed that, in a general sense, libertarians have no problem questioning or taking to task society's inconsistencies. But when one of their own or an outsider questions or disagrees with them many times libertarians tend to refuse to believe they are wrong. Sometimes they even go so far as to angrily demonize the dissenter for pointing out their hypocrisy." (12/28/11)  

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  • It has been wonderful to learn of the traitors toward the Constitution and human liberty amongst us. Renzuli has now outed himself as firmly within this camp. The article is full of lies and obfuscation. Yet another writer I will never consider again.

  • Rocky, I find Renzulli interesting, primarily as my go-to example of alleged "Objectivists" running over the cliffs of insanity behind Peikoff. While he does offer examples of one outright lie (the newsletter thing) and some attempts to have it both ways at the expense of the Constitution and the truth (marriage and immigration), most of the "lies" he alludes to are actually failures of the real world to conform to post-Rand "Objectivist" mummery.

  • Clore

    This article itself contains so many lies that I wouldn't know where to begin to list them. Suffice it to say that they share this in common: they were invented to support the supreme crime of crimes, aggressive warfare.

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