Mother, should I trust the government?

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December 11, 2011
People v. State
by John Kindley  
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"[A] moment’s reflection reminded me just how un-American this whole notion that 'public confidence' in the State is a good thing is. Even were the government much less evil than it currently is (and government at its best, according to Thomas Paine, is but a necessary evil), it would be un-American to 'trust' it." (12/09/11)  
  • How come you never post my posts that suggest that adopting the Georgist single tax on the unimproved value of land would lead to the disappearance of the State? :)

    [John — Offhand, I’d have to guess that I never come across those posts. You tend to post in spurts, and usually the top article is cool enough that I look no further before popping it into RRND. It’s certainly not an aversion to posting pro-Georgist material — in fact, I’d like to post more of it! Drop me a line next time you have something along those lines up – TLK]

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