B is for betrayal

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December 8, 2011
The American Prospect
by Gabriela Resto-Montero  
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"Less than a day after a soaring speech from President Barack Obama on restoring the American middle class, progressives who felt that the administration was finally heading in the right direction stumbled back to reality Wednesday with a baffling decision from Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Sebelius overruled the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), which recommended making the contraceptive Plan B ... available over the counter alongside contraceptives like condoms. ... Sebelius argued that the FDA had not studied the potential impact on girls as young as 11 ..." [editor's note: Nice "straw girl" ploy, by a power-mad bureaucrat; seriously, how many 11-year-old girls are in this situation? - SAT] (12/08/11)

  • rebel8h

    "…how many 11-year-old girls are in this situation?" – Unfortunately, more than you would think. However, that would be an argument against Sebelius' decision. Maybe an 11 year old should not buy this; but her parents should be able to if they thought that was appropriate. More importantly, because it might not be appropriate for an 11 year old is no reason to deny it to a 25 year old woman.

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