LAND: The week in review November 27-December

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December 4, 2011
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Commentaries on Sex drugs and good deeds, The USAPATRIOT Act, Twitch Hunts, Come and take it! A reply to S. 1867, DOJ says you’re a criminal, Do we have any right to privacy outside our homes?, The making of a prison society, the Occupy Movement (What the Occupy movement could learn from Somalia, Occupy’s radicalism disdained by liberal class, The problem with Occupy, The Occupy movement’s enthusiasm and contempt for democracy, Inside an Occupy Affinity Group) and Wikileaks wins major journalism award in Australia

In the news, Angry Indian farmers dump deadly cobras on tax office floor, “Fast and Furious” whistleblowers still struggling, LAPD suppresses Occupy LA, meeting little resistance, Virginia zoning nazis say Iraq vet’s kids can keep tree house, Two governors petition feds to reclassify marijuana, Gingrich endorses death penalty for drug dealers, Prosecutor: Advocating jury nullification “not protected by 1st Amendment”, Occupy Nashville billed $1,045 for security, Occupy LA takes eviction fight to court, LAPD withdraws after Occupy eviction deadline passes and SCOTUS refuses to address child porn law

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