TN: Health fraud prosecutions net $100 million this year

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December 4, 2011
The Tennessean    
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"The ambulance rolled into the restaurant parking lot ahead of the dinner rush. A federal agent, parked nearby, watched through his windshield as someone climbed from the passenger side. Moments later, the passenger returned with a bag of food. Murfreesboro Ambulance Service later billed the ride to Medicare as two separate trips to a dialysis clinic, according to documents filed in federal court, with two patients laid up on stretchers, at more than $2,000 altogether. In federal charges against a Murfreesboro couple and their son, prosecutors claim that the man who retrieved the food was one of the patients." [editor's note: The scary part is how obvious some of this is; crooks don't even try to hide it anymore -- whaddathey think, they're banksters? - SAT] (12/04/11)


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