Iowa: Gingrich leads, Paul in second

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December 4, 2011
Business Week    
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"Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia holds a lead in Iowa, where the first Republican presidential nomination votes will be cast a month from now, according to a poll released yesterday. Gingrich has the support of 25 percent of likely caucus participants in the latest Iowa Poll from the Des Moines Register newspaper. U.S. Representative Ron Paul of Texas was next, with 18 percent ..." (12/04/11)  

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  • Republicans are so are out of sink with today. They just vote straight party lines and not for the pelpoe who voted for them. They care about morals before they care about pelpoe. If they think hitting a glass bottle on Tuesday is wrong then they will not allow it even if it saves a child’s life. Then will defend themselves only with rhetoric toward the opposition. For instance (Obama is now a US citizen) (Obama is a terrorist and his dad is in a terrorist camp) (Obama ruined the economy) so on!

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