Ron Paul’s phony populism

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November 29, 2011
by Gary Weiss  
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"It was a masterful performance. Ron Paul -- fraudulent populist, friend of the oligarchy, sworn enemy of every social program since Theodore Roosevelt -- had won the day, again. Why shouldn’t he? Frauds win, whether they are in finance or politics." (11/29/11)  

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  • This is such a typical dickwich rant from someone who can't let go of the government teat he sucks on long enough to give an honest appraisal. Slam job from Slate, what else is new?

    • It's Salon, not Slate.

      I found the piece disappointing, too, not because I like Paul but precisely because he is a phony populist — specifically a peckerwood populist — in a number of ways the article doesn't touch on.

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