LAND: The week in review November 13-19

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November 20, 2011
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Commentaries on uncertainty the great economic inhibitor, Regulations create jobs? Give me a break!, the right to be offensive, The Law According to the Somalis, Smoking in cars: the BMA’s dodgy dossier,To increase jobs, increase freedom, Review: To end all wars, Now FDA trying to kill smokers, New York’s assault on press freedom,First Amendment protection of false speech is under the gun, Do Governments hate their people?,The UK press is on trial for its freedom, and OWS (The difference between OWS and anti-Vietnam protests, Lessons from the crackdown, Now what?, MSM: No longer laughing, but still clueless, Occupy movement: All process and no principle, Exposing cultural myths at Occupy Oakland, Protesters need a plan, not just a complaint, A police raid suffused with symbolism, Egypt-style attacks on several Occupy camps)

In the news, Police foil Occupy’s bid to shut Wall Street, Louisiana Library bans Nativity scene, Obama regime coordinated suppression of Occupy movement, US Senate Judiciary Committee debates Internet censorship bill, Camera in courtroom for healthcare hearing?, Regime forces raze Occupy Wall Street encampment, take prisoners, Palestinian Arab “Freedom Riders” arrested on bus to Jerusalem, IJ protects First Amendment rights for Arizona woman, US cities step up suppression of Occupy movement, Massachusetts Store owner calls stolen flags “a hate crime”, Occupy Nashville charges dropped, Myanmar: Aung San Suu Kyi “cautiously positive” on reform, California Court backs school in flag-tee dispute, and Idiot pol’s remarks spark Muslim outcry

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