Reports: Obama regime coordinated suppression of Occupy movement

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November 16, 2011
Minneapolis Top News Examiner    
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"Over the past ten days, more than a dozen cities have moved to evict 'Occupy' protesters from city parks and other public spaces. As was the case in last night's move in New York City, each of the police actions shares a number of characteristics. And according to one Justice official, each of those actions was coordinated with help from Homeland Security, the FBI and other federal police agencies." [hat tip -- Mike Riggs @Hit & Run] (11/15/11)  


  • Sally

    Suppression? Is there no conception of property rights in the minds of alleged libertarians? How is eviction from either a public or private park the equivalent of "suppressing a movement"? Would you argue that if the members of a political movement had declared that they must camp out on my front porch, forcible removal of them by the police would constitute "suppression of the movement"?

    • Sally,

      There's very much a conception of property rights in the minds of alleged libertarians. And if Occupy was camping out on your front porch without your permission, no, removing them would not constitute "suppression of the movement."

      Coordinated forcible removal from multiple spaces, at least some of which the property rights were not in reasonable dispute over, on the other hand, constitutes precisely that.

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