The Johnson campaign perpetuates the “public airways” myth in response to latest debate exclusion

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November 16, 2011
The Liberty Papers
by Stephen Littau  
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"The public owns the airwaves? Yes, I understand that this is the accepted conventional wisdom but this is not something I would have expected from perhaps the most libertarian leaning candidate to ever seek the nomination for the Republican Party! ... to write the FCC and make the argument that Gov. Johnson has some sort of right to participate in the debate because the public 'owns' the airwaves just makes me cringe." (11/15/11)  

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  • Umm … since the network monopolies exist largely because of the presence of the FCC … and the MSM is becoming rather famous for excluding presidential combatants at will … it might be said that this suit is another "99% against the 1%" (fighting crony corporatism) battle. It is indeed unfortunate that GJ and his people chose this rhetorical attack, but their aim seems to be at open elections, not special favors.

  • aynrkey

    The difference between the way things are and they way things should be is perhaps the key difference in the disagreement between Gary Johnson and Stephen Littau. When I say "I do not believe in public property" I am not saying "I do not believe it exists," I'm saying "I do not believe it should exist."

    I once had a statist try to argue that I was saying the former and not the latter.

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