Bordertown: Laredo

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November 8, 2011
Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G. Hornberger  
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"I watched a couple of episodes of a new television reality series on A&E called 'Bordertown: Laredo' since Laredo is where I grew up. The series is about the drug war and follows a special drug-enforcement team within the Laredo Police Department. In the two episodes I watched, the series tracked the team as it monitored suspected drug dealers, secured search warrants, made some drug busts, and even pursued and caught a suspect in a high-speed car chase inside town." (11/08/11)  
  • marcus lowenbroh

    petty knuckle-draggers abusing their powers and continuously raping the rights of American citizens. what a joke and an embarrassment. tough guys like these will pay in the end. you can not serve 2 masters.

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