Cain: If He Did It …

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November 8, 2011
Center for a Stateless Society
by Thomas L. Knapp  
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"This week’s peep show feature flick: The panoply of sexual harassment allegations leveled against Republican presidential aspirant Herman Cain. The (potentially) 270-Electoral-Vote-Question is whether or not Cain’s an abusive lecher who parlayed his position as CEO of the National Restaurant Association into opportunities for sexual gratification by conditioning women’s employment, promotion, etc. on whether or not he got that gratification. Do I know the answer to that question? No, I don’t. But in the spirit of OJ Simpson’s 'tell all, without admitting guilt' book, If I Did It, I’d like to take a swing at the implications of the answer being 'yes, he did.'" (11/08/11)  

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  • Actually, we already know he's a thief and a liar. Whether or not he's also a sexual predator is important, but secondary to the question of his qualifications to be the "new boss."

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