After UNESCO vote, could US defund IAEA?

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November 1, 2011
Christian Science Monitor
by Dan Murphy  
Posted in Commentary, PND News

"Yesterday's overwhelming vote by UNESCO to recognize Palestine as a full member was far more than a symbolic diplomatic defeat for the United States and Israel. The UN culture and education agency was immediately defunded by the US, which was due to contribute $80 million to the organization this year, a little more than one-fifth of the UN body's budget. ... On its face, this may not seem a big deal for America. Ronald Reagan pulled the US out of UNESCO in 1984, and the country only rejoined in the fall of 2002 under George W. Bush, as his administration was courting UN support for military action against Iraq." [editor's note: Consider the manipulation of the UN for imperialist ends, and wonder how any libertarian could oppose dumping it - SAT] (11/01/11)  

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