TV that finally lifts journalism back “up”

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October 31, 2011
In These Times
by David Sirota  
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"I’m not a fan of most cable news because I find this format mind-numbing, uninformative and tedious. So when I was asked to appear on MSNBC last Saturday morning, my initial thought was, 'Thanks, but no thanks.' But then I realized it was a new show hosted by Chris Hayes, a journalist whose work I’ve long admired. (He’s a former senior editor at In These Times, which basically launched his career in political journalism.) So I said yes. And crack-of-dawn fatigue aside, I’m glad I did, because to my surprise, I ended up getting the chance to participate in one of the best television programs on the air." [editor's note: It would indeed be good to see something like this, if it's so; anybody seen the Hayes show who can comment? - SAT] (10/28/11)  

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